Zeng-Hu Pharmaceuticals

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Zeng-Hu Pharmaceuticals is a chemical and bio-research megacorporation operating through various subsidiaries and shell companies.


It is one of the oldest Human corporations still in business today, having been originally founded in the late 20th century as a medical research facility located in mainland China. They received their kick into success after the development of their patented mixture of Tramadol, using the recently discovered Inaprovaline to vastly increase its effects. But, don't let the name fool you – this company does more than just pharmaceuticals. Zeng-Hu has been slowly growing in power over the last five centuries as it slowly “established business relationships” with its competitors, willingly or otherwise. From cybernetics, to emergency injection systems, and even genetic manipulation, Zeng-Hu dabbles in it all through various sub-departments, puppet companies, and other varying false fronts. Using this modus operandi, Zeng-Hu has managed to evade anti-trust laws established by the Free Trade Union, and create a quite literal business empire.