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List of Colonies
Yuklid V from orbit, 2530
Faction Sol Central Government
System Yuklid
Population 18,541,593
Coordinates (LY) -32.1X, -26.3Y

Federal Republic of Yuklid

Member Planet of the Second Republic

Estimated Population (c. 2560): 18,541,593

Yuklid V is the fith planet in the Yuklid System. Yuklid V is a large, humid sub-tropical planet, with icy polar caps and dense jungle between. Yuklid is home to the outer rim's largest medical facilities, and serves as home to this region of space's medical academia. It's largest city is Iyeegi, which is located in the northern hemisphere of the planet. While the vast majority is the planet is composed of jungle, the planet is also home to a vast mountain range, as well as numerous swamplands.

The planet's primary export are medicines, both natural, and created. Two-hundred years of infrastructure has allowed the planet's population to grow rapidly, spread through towns and cities across the planet's surface.

It is on Yuklid that many millions of people, both from Lordania and otherwise, come to seek treatment for a variety of medical conditions. Corporate-owned hospitals are common on Yuklid.


Yuklid's history begins on the 27th of March, 2359. Just under ten years since the first colonisation of Lordania, the planet was selected for it's atmosphere, which initially only had 15% Oxygen. Thanks to a hasty terraforming, the planet was made fully habitable in under five years. This success led to a population boom for the planet, as many people, wishing to escape conditions on the rapidly expanding Lordania and Kingston, chose instead to settle on Yuklid.

Yuklid was heavily considering independence from the Sol Central Government, and had been in talks with the Terran Confederation, who had promised the system a place within the Confederation, and greater autonomy. In 2444, Yuklid declared independence from the Republic, and this began the Yuklid War.

Yuklid War

The Yuklid War began on the 27th of March, 2444, 85 years since the colonisation of the planet. Originally, Yuklid had received guarantee from the Confederation of assistance from the Sol fleet. However, the Confederacy refused to honor the agreement, and Yuklid was left to fight alone. In what should have been a significant defeat for Yuklid forces, turned into a protracted war with the Sol forces, who were already far too concerned with the TCC's independence just under a year prior.

After three years of back and forth, Sol was able to land a force on Yuklid V, defeat the Yuklid Rebellion leaders, and broker a peace treaty... All in under fifteen hours. Such an aggressive victory served to embolden the Sol Government, who had come to doubt the strength of their military should war break out between the TCC... This experienced led to the expansion of the Defence Forces, and the augmentation of a proper navy capable of keeping order in the Outer Rim.

26th Century

The Formation of the Lordanian Empire affected Yuklid very slightly, as it's Inner Rim position granted the system a great deal of protection and influence. In fact, it was only after the collapse of the Empire that Yuklid was threatened once more. In 2535, Yuklid was chosen by the Interim Government and Sol Central to be the meeting point of the First Senate. It was here that the Second Lordanian Republic was founded. Only a year later, the Confederate of Lordanian Systems was founded.

By 2540, Yuklid had reached a population of just under fifteen million. The Senate had not counted for such a rapid population growth in just under one hundred years, and so began sending Yuklid colonists into unknown regions of space, which lead to colonisation efforts on Mjolnir, Piscium, and Pollux. However, these colonies have suffered many setbacks, and it is unlikely they will flourish any time soon.

With Conflict once again on the horizon, Yuklid still harbours deep-seated resentment for the Terran Confederation for abandoning them all those years ago, and they will be sure to remind them of it.


Yuklid is a planet of dense swampland and thick jungle, yet even within this inhospitable terrain, life finds a way. Many settlements are built above the swamp level, and can often be seen sticking out from the trees.

Yuklid's tropical environment has allowed for two-hundred years of plant cultiviation, creating many of the herbs and plants required for complicated medical treatment.