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|name = Xynergy
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|size = Large

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Xynergy logo.png
Size Large
Industry Fishing, Biotechnology
Products space faring animals, dociler, net guns, pets
System XX-168
Planet Tau-Wilo
Founded 2473
Founder Grace Heteroc

Xynergy is a privately held company with two main areas of work. They are the largest fisher of space faring animals and they research and produces equipment used to study xenobiological organisms. They recently are best known for discovering and training the giant armoured serpentids.


The First ship

Originally started in 2473 by Grace Heteroc, Xynergy started off about as humbly as any company, being little more than the founder, her crew, and her ship, the Curious Mako, a custom-made Space carp fishing vessel, with the original intention of the trip being to catch space carp for shipment to a processing plant on their home planet of Athenia in the Partheno system. It was after only their third trip into the local asteroid thicket to fish for Carp however that Skipper Grace Heteroc was approached by a Nanotrasen representative interested in procuring live specimens of not only space carp, but the vastly more dangerous Space Pike as well. Unfamiliar with the rarer, larger Space Pike yet, due in no small part to the relatively green state of the crew, Miss Heteroc was promptly convinced to take on the job with the enticing promise of a large sum of money, a grand total of 20 thousand thalers for a live Space Pike. This was, however, despite the enticing sum of money, an entirely foolhardy task, or so any of the other fishermen would have warned her, had they known that the deal had been offered, and accepted.

Unfamiliarity and underestimation of the dangers involved when dealing with Space Pike led to a nearly disastrous first attempt at capturing the first Pike, with one of the crew members being badly injured, and the Curious Mako being damaged extensively by the powerful fish. For most crews, this would be enough to lead to a refusal to continue the job, however, Miss Heteroc was stubborn and resourceful, and after some negotiation, the reward for the live pike was raised to 35 thousand thalers.

The second trip to capture the live pike led to the first real effort on the part of Miss Heteroc to develop a more effective method of capturing live specimens, and would serve to be the inspiration for developments down the road, being little more than a netgun, however, the net in question had been specially manufactured during the time between trips, and was, in effect, the first prototype of what would come to be one of Xynergys most profitable equipment products, the netgun. This first prototype, while little more than a regular netgun, was equipped with a metal net, and after ensnaring the pike, was used to electrocute the fish into submission, stunned, but alive.

It was after this first successful capture of the live pike that Miss Heteroc realized the profit to be had in the capture and sale of not only dead or passive xenofauna, but also live, dangerous specimen, prompting a change in focus. Why fish for dozens or even hundreds of carp for mediocre paydays, when you could catch one big fish and make a lot of money in one shot? So began what would one day come to be known as Xynergy, the leading supplier of xenofauna, xenoflora, and xenobiology related equipment.


By 2485, Miss Heteroc’s company had grown from the one small ship to a small fleet of 12 vessels, most manned by small crews which headed out, capturing various profitable Xenofauna and Xenoflora from known worlds, and selling them, alive or dead, to research and production companies who did not have the resources or knowledge to capture them themselves, mostly using custom-made equipment such as the LVN guns, as well as other tried and true equipment such as live snares and other live capture equipment. It was during this expansion period that the company gained its name, Xynergy, though the exact origins are still debated to some extent.

Due to the rapidly rising demand by companies needing live specimen during a period where Xenofauna capture and delivery was a nearly non-existent market, Xynergy flourished, with the supply of equipment and ships to do their work rapidly being outpaced by the demand, leading to the eventual construction of the first Xynergy offices, production and processing plant, and commission of proper delivery vessels on their home planet of Athenia. This trend continued near constantly until 2409, at which point Xynergy began the process of incorporating, by which point it had already come to be the leading supplier of Xenofauna, flora, and Xenobiological handling equipment in Solgov affiliated space.

After numerous bureaucratic difficulties, in 2512, Xynergy officially incorporated, and had already begun making a name for itself in the Xenobiological field in general, both for the development and release of the “dociler”, a new, relatively consistent method of making aggressive and dangerous animals completely and permanently docile and friendly, and for it’s rapid expansion into the genetic modification field, leading to developments such as Space Carp who produce Tricordrazine, (though these specimens don’t live long enough yet to be a viable method of production) Goats who can consume near any material without issue, and other strange and fantastic creatures and plants.

Products and Business

Xynergy is the leading provider of xenofauna and flora, as well as xenobiology related equipment in Solgov space, with few close competitors.


Among the most well known of their products, the netgun, originally little more than an old earth design with an actual rope net now comes in several flavours, with the most popular being the stasis net gun. Designed with live-capture in mind, the stasis net gun will fire a large, creature covering netting made of secret materials that suspend a creature’s biological processes similar to that of cryo bags, though with the added shutdown of the creature’s cognitive processes. This leaves them trapped and allows transport through environments that otherwise wouldn't support life for the creature.

Stasis Cage

Going hand in hand with the Netgun, The stasis cage is the longer-term solution to Xenofauna containment, featuring tanks which auto-fill with local atmosphere during fauna containment, and keep the fauna within docile and calm during transport, allowing for even the most dangerous of game to be transported to whatever pen or cell they may be destined for.


Among their rarer and far more expensive products, the Dociler is a small injection gun which fires a slurry of reagent into the brain of aggressive fauna, extinguishing aggressive behaviour and mimicking behaviours associated with domestication. Favored for use with particularly dangerous fauna and used extensively in the exotic pet preparation process, the Dociler is prohibitively expensive making it a rare and sought-after product when available.

Carp Products

While hardly the only supplier, Xynergy is still a dominating force in the space fishing industry, and are among the leading suppliers of carp fillets, Carpotoxin, and other space-fish related goods and resources.

Exotic Pets

While this covers a lot of different creatures from numerous worlds, Xynergy is well known as being a primary provider of Exotic pets. They use techniques such as genetic manipulation for long-term projects and tools like the Dociler to test for demand.

Research Subjects and Livestock

The other side of the animal trade, Xynergy is the primary supplier of xenofauna and flora for industrial, commercial, and scientific use, covering all manner of creatures at the right price.

Giant Armoured Serpentids

One of the leading suppliers of not only xenobiological specimens, byproducts and related goods, Xynergy has a long and storied history, even though it only incorporated in SolGov in the last fifty years. Originally little more than a woman, her ship, and her ambition, Xynergy is rapidly growing to become a major name in the industry as their influence, wealth, and resources rapidly grow on the ever-expanding frontier of space. One of the leading producers of cutting edge, or even experimental Xenobiological suppression and capture equipment, as well as a top supplier of Xenobiological specimen, both for scientific use and as exotic pets, Xynergy has in recent days also become even more well known than ever before due to being the only company that is actively training the newest sapient species to grace SolGov space, the giant armoured serpentids.

GAS Grading System

Giant armoured serpentids are assigned a letter grade based on the complexity of their job and their aptitude for working with humans.


Grade Job Tier Temperament
A+ High Good
A High Average
A- High Poor
B+ Mid Good
B Mid Average
B- Mid Poor
C+ Low Good
C Low Average
C- Low Poor
D+ Group Good
D Group Average
D- Group Poor
F Fail Fail


  • Works very well with humans.
  • Well acclimated, never strikes out unless in significant danger.
  • Responds to situations with escape or hiding vs. aggressive behaviour.
  • Tolerates humans who are too close.
  • Will communicate verbally when overcrowded.


  • Either skittish around humans or somewhat oppositional.
  • May use threatening behaviour when needed, usually as a secondary option.
  • Only strikes out after repeated threats or requests to be left alone.


  • Often shows aggressive behaviour around humans (buzzing, false strikes, etc.)
  • May respond physically to crowding or unwanted humans who are too close.
  • May strike out after only a single warning.
Job Designations


  • High tier jobs require a large amount of skill and literacy training. They include:
  • Maintenance Technician
  • Roboticist
  • Chemist


  • Mid tier jobs require a moderate amount of skill and some basic literacy training. They include:
  • Chef
  • Cargo


  • Low tier jobs require minimal skill and no literacy training. They include:
  • Janitor


In May 24th, 2644, during a relatively routine expedition to Tau-Wilo in system XX-168, contact was made with a strange new species of xenofauna which was initially overlooked, dubbed the giant armoured serpentid. It was only during testing and observation studies on their phoron potential that it was determined that the creatures were sapient, and lived in a society with a complex social structure.

It was this discovery that made Xynergy a household name, being the first sapient species discovered since the Tajaran. While the GAS lacked the level of sophistication that the other species brought into the galactic community, they were a new addition to the public eye and their introduction was wrought with controversy. This controversy has continued despite the proven training and naturalisation programs utilised by Xynergy.