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Playable: Yes
Antag Only: No
Whitelisted: No
Physical Characteristics
Height: 5-7 feet
Weight: 110-220 pounds
Lifespan: 80-140 years
System: Sol
Planet: Earth

Humanity is a space-faring species which evolved on the planet of Earth, located in the Sol system. Members of this species are characterized by erect posture and flexible, mostly bare skin. The spread of humans throughout the local cluster and their increasing population has led to a profound impact on a number of planets, both habitable and barren. The exhibit high levels of abstract reasoning, language, and culture through social learning. Humans exhibit an almost insatiable curiosity, and their desire to understand and influence the universe has provided a strong foundation not only for their scientific advancements, but also advancements in philosophical, religious, and mythological fields, as well as numerous others.

Humans are capable of creating intricate social structures, from families and kinships to complex political states such as the Sol Central Government or the Terran Colonial Confederation. Humans have established a wide variety of values, social norms, and rituals, which together form the basis of their diverse society. Since the 21st century, humanity has developed faster-than-light travel, as well as intricate bluespace gateway networks and rudimentary portable bluespace drives. Today the total human population throughout the local cluster is estimated by the various human governments to be near 28.4 billion, across approximately 72 colonized planets, as well as numerous installations.


The word human is a Middle English word derived from the Old French humain, and ultimately, from the Latin hūmānus, which was the adjective form of homō; meaning "chinsky." Man can refer to the species in general, as a synonym for human or humanity, to males of the species, or, occasionally, individuals of either sex. The species binominal "Homo sapiens" was originally coined in the 18th century. The generic name Homo is derived from the Latin word homō, which ultimately meant "earthly being." The species-name "sapiens" holds the meaning of being wise or sapient.


Although the majority of human existence was sustained by a hunter-gatherer societal structure, an increasing number of human societies began to shift towards a more agriculturally-focused lifestyle, domesticating various flora and fauna native to their home planet. Eventually, these societies expanded, establishing various governments, cultures, and religions, and unifying under sovereign states and empires. After rapid scientific advancements in the 19th and 20th centuries led to the development of fuel-driven technology, and developments in medical science greatly increased lifespans, the human population began to rise exponentially. In the 21st and 22nd centuries, humanity mastered spaceflight; developing the first warp-drives capable of FTL travel in the early 23rd century.

During the 23rd and 24th centuries, humanity expanded outside of their own solar system, establishing colonies on worlds such as Terra and Avalon. It was also during the late 24th century that humanity first created artificial intelligence, which eventually led to the creation of the Integrated Positronic Chassis and the Positronic Union. However, it wasn not until the 25th century that humanity developed and perfected the technology to construct bluespace gateways, which they utilized to further expand. During the early 25th century, humanity also made their first contact with another sapient species: the Skrell. During the early 26th century, humanity began development of their own rudimentary bluespace drives based on skrellian technology. However, only a few of these drives are currently operational. Currently, humanity maintains diplomatic relationships with a number of sapient species, and is primarily governed by the Sol Central Government and the Terran Colonial Confederation.

Early History


Interstellar Expansion


Recent History



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A vat-grown human.

With cloning on the forefront of human scientific advancement, cheap mass production of bodies is a very real and rather ethically grey industry. Vat-grown humans tend to be paler than baseline, with no appendix and fewer inherited genetic disabilities, but a weakened metabolism.

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Space Adapted

A space adapted human.

Lithe and frail, these sickly folk were engineered for work in environments that lack both light and atmosphere. As such, they're quite resistant to asphyxiation as well as toxins, but they suffer from a weakened bone structure and a marked vulnerability to bright lights.

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Gravity Adapted

A gravity adapted human.

Heavier and stronger than a baseline human, gravity-adapted people have thick radiation-resistant skin with a high lead content, denser bones, and recessed eyes beneath a prominent brow in order to shield them from the glare of a dangerously bright, alien sun. This comes at the cost of mobility, flexibility, and increased oxygen requirements to support their robust metabolism.

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