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This article serves as a basic guide to the lore of the Baystation 12 Universe. You are expected to have a rudimentary understanding of our lore before playing. If you have any questions regarding the lore, feel free to ask a staff member by opening a ticket in-game via the F1 key, or by contacting them via our Discord or IRC.

The server is currently set aboard the SEV Torch. The Torch is managed by the Expeditionary Corps under the Sol Central Government. In addition to personnel from the Expeditionary Corps and the Fleet, the Torch is staffed by independent contractors under various megacorporations such as NanoTrasen.


In the 26th century, mankind has firmly established itself as a contender on the interstellar stage. Nearly 30 billion humans are spread across a multitude of systems, from Sol to Nyx. With a plethora of unique cultures, religions, and governments, humanity is varied, adapting well to the harsh environment of space. They have attempted to improve upon themselves with both genetic and cybernetic manipulation, giving birth to humans grown in vats, and to humans who have been genetically adapted for life in the harsh environments of interstellar space. They have augmented themselves with cybernetics, ranging from prosthetic limbs and vision enhancement overlays to machine frames controlled by a human brain and slaved to a rigid set of laws. They have discovered bluespace, using bluespace gateways for instant transport across vast distances, and creating prototype bluespace drives to expand their reach ever further into the cosmos. Humanity has even created artificially intelligent life, bringing the positronic brain and the IPC into being.

Interstellar Nations

Even in the 26th century, humanity is far from unified. While the largest human government by far is the Sol Central Government, there are a number of independent systems outside its grasp, small nation-states squabbling over the far corners of human space, and the Sol Central Government's most powerful rival, the Terran Colonial Confederation holding only slightly less territory than the SCG itself. The Sol Central Government is deeply corrupt, with megacorporations and wealthy individuals influencing every aspect of its operations, and the nation vying for supremacy in a cold war with the Confederation.

Alien Civillizations

Humanity is not alone in the universe, and they have met several alien species. Some hostile, and some welcoming, but all distinct in their own ways. The Skrell are an amphibian race who look down upon Humanity from their interstellar empire. The Tajara are a superstitious race, only recently having mastered interstellar travel. The Unathi are warlike reptiles who were brought to the stars by the SCG. The Vox are a scourge upon the galaxy, remnants of a long-lost empire, now reduced to scavenging and piracy. The Dionaea are a collective of plantlike beings who thirst for light and knowledge. The Bogani are a violent race hellbent on conquering anyone they deem to be impure. Finally, the Positronic Union is a collection of artificial beings who have fled their creators to seek their own freedom.