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SEV Torch
SEV Torch Deck 2
Connected Areas Central Hallway, Deck 3 Maintenance
Clearance Security
Purpose House security and prisoners.

Security is a nice place for nice people. But I don't really care.

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Location Description Access

Forensics office

The Forensics Office is where the forensic technician does most of their work. It houses specialized equipment to examine and inspect evidence. Only the head of security and the forensic technician have access. There are numerous computers and office equipment so the technician can write reports and findings. It consists of two forensic machines and two computers for forensic analysis. It directly connects to the evidence storage so that evidence may be stored or retrieved at anytime. Forensic technician

Interrogation and processing

The processing room is the first place prisoners go after being detained. This is where they are stripped of any items, interrogated and recorded. Inside the processing room, there is a security records terminal to enter their information. The processing room is also used for regular interrogations, such as questioning suspects. Forensic technician

Equipment storage

All evidence gathered from investigations, any contraband and illegal items are stored here. There is a hand-labeler and file cabinet for auditing the bay. It is directly connected to the Forensics Office so the forensics technician may retrieve items quickly. Forensic technician