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{{Gameplay Guides}}
The supply department consists of the [[Deck_Chief|Deck Chief]], [[Deck Technician]]s and [[Prospectors]]. The job of the Deck Chief and Technicians is to maintain the [[hangar]] and shuttles, and deal with orders and deliveries from the [[Supply Shuttle]]. [[Prospectors]] are not covered by this guide, they have a separate [[Mining|Guide to Mining]] and their interaction with the Deck Chief and Technicians is usually only to hand over their mined goods for delivery.
Their department consists of the [[SEV_Torch/Deck_4/Hangar_Logistics#Cargo_Bay|Cargo Bay]] but they will usually find themselves running all over the ship to deliver packages.
They are also responsible for the disposals mass driver on the [[SEV_Torch#Deck_2_-_Engineering_Deck|Maintenance Deck]].
== Equipment ==
Your locker will contain:
* Two cargo headsets allowing you to access the Supply channel (:u).
* Gloves.
* Hazard Vest (Remember that you must wear a Hazard Vest while working on the Hangar Deck!)
* Large Webbing.
* Equipment Belt.
* Hand Labeler.
* Clipboard.
* Folders.
* Package Wrap.
* Marshalling Wand
* Cargo Rubber Stamp
* Denied Stamp
* Satchel
* Messenger Bag
If those lockers are already taken, there is a third locker if you go up two floors along the ladder in the Sorting Room.
== Supply Shuttle Console ==
The [[Supply Console]] is central to your department and allows you to order supply packs, control the supply shuttle, and see the history of supply orders. This gives you all the information you need to know what was ordered, when, and by whom. You can also print out supply order statements for filing and stamping.
[[File:Supply management_2.PNG|center|800px|Controls the shuttle.]]
You are also able to approve / deny other people's orders here, which is an important part of your job. Don't just approve everything without a valid reason.
This console also allows you to check the current Supply Point count, the currency that is used to pay for goods. This currency collects over time, or can be increased by selling goods back to the supplier.
==== Ordering ====
To order a new crate, click on the [[Supply Console]] and select the tab you wish to order from. Find the item and click on that, then decide if you want a printed receipt. The crate is now ordered for delivery, and the next time the [[Supply Shuttle]] travels from the remote location to the hangar, it will contain the crate.
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| [[File:Supply management_1.PNG|center|800px|Contains categories and lists of all the items you can order.]] || [[File:Supply management_4.PNG|center|800px|Approve, deny and check on the status of orders.]]
==== Selling ====
If the [[Supply Shuttle]] contains crates when it is sent back to the remote location, they will be sold. This is useful to generate additional supply points, and the amount of supply points can be increased by returning an empty crate with only the supply manifest that was delivered with it inside, stamped by a [[Cargo_rubber_stamp|Cargo Rubber Stamp]], [[Deck_chief's_rubber_stamp|Deck Chief's Rubber Stamp]], or any of the stamps of the Heads of Staff.
You can also sell abandoned crates you find across the Torch for a decent boost to supply points.
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| [[File:Supply management_3.PNG|center|400px|Lists all the items sold and the amount of supply points gained.]] || [[File:Supply shuttle.PNG|center|A small autonomous shuttle that transfers crates to and from the Torch.]]
== Delivery ==
There are three or four main ways to deliver packages:
==== By Foot ====
Sometimes this is the only option for remote places on the ship. Simply pull the crate to its destination. Use a lift can help reduce the strain on your Deck Tech, and remember you cannot pull them up ladders.
==== Sorting Office ====
The ship has a mailing system that you can utilise from the [[SEV_Torch/Deck_4/Hangar_Logistics#Disposals.2FMailing_Area|Sorting Office]]. This allows you to send crates directly to a location where they will pop out of the disposals bin.
To use this, take [[Wrapping_paper]] and wrap the crate or closet you wish to send. Then interact with the [[Destination_tagger]] in hand to set a destination. Put the crate on the conveyor belt and send it off.
Note that you should clear the disposals belt of rubbish first, else you may end up sending that to someone's department too!
Engineering can adjust the disposals pipe system for you to accommodate new destinations. The system can be unreliable if the ship has recently taken significant damage, so this system becomes less useful in [[Meteor]] rounds.
==== Ripley Exosuit ====
[[Robotics#Ripley_APLU|Ripley Exosuits]] can fit a piece of equipment called Hydraulic Clamp. This allows the mech to store a huge number of objects inside itself, and can be extremely useful for delivering large numbers of crates or equipment. Especially if your delivery location has hostile conditions. Bug Robotics to make you one of these, and pass it off to your [[Prospector]] colleagues when you're not using it.
==== Cargo Train ====
In the [[SEV_Torch/Deck_4/Hangar_Logistics#Warehouse|Warehouse]] at round start there will be a Cargo Tug attached to two Wagons. You can move a crate onto the Wagons by click-dragging it. This can help you move large numbers of crates quickly across the ship. The tug may need recharging after extended use. You can also order new tugs or additional wagons. The keys can be taken out of the ignition to prevent anyone borrowing it.
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| [[File:Supply sorting office.PNG|thumb|One crate addressed and ready to go.]] || [[File:Supply ripley.PNG|thumb|450px|The hydraulic clamp is capable of carrying many crates at once.]] || [[File:Supply cargo train.PNG|thumb|A Deck Technician delivering chemistry supplies to medbay.]]  ||
== Hangar ==
The Hangar is also your responsibility. Check over the Hangar regularly for mess and damage and ensure that the GUP and Charon are kept fueled. To do this, go into the [[Hangar Bay]], on the Port Center there is a door to a fueling area that contains a Hydrogen Canister and CO2 connector.
Take one of the hydrogen tanks from the crate and put it into the hydrogen canister. Increase the pressure to maximum and open the release valve. Once it is full, close the release valve and take out the tank. It is now ready to be inserted into a shuttle.
Find an orange fuel port on the GUP or Charon, crowbar it open and take out the current fuel tank then replace it. Close the panel, and the Exploration crew will be all set for their next mission.
Sometimes they will request CO2, air and other tanks to be filled. You can move their CO2 tank onto the connector and wrench it into position to fill it. Make sure to turn on the gas pump. Leave the air tanks to Engineering to deal with.
[[File:Supply fuel bay.PNG|thumb|center|200px|Fuel bay, just below the Charon docking area.]]
== Other Tips ==
* This is a fairly low-stress department and well suited to new players. Especially since it will enable you to explore the Torch and work out where everything is.
* The Warehouse contains all sorts of useful supplies, take a look through what it contains, it may prevent you having to use supply points on an order.
* Don't leave the Hangar shutters in the Warehouse open.
* Don't stand on the shuttle landing pads, ever.
* You can contact the Charon and GUP via the holopads if you need to check up on their progress or find out why they haven't returned yet. In the event that the Charon or GUP crew are unable to pilot their way back, you can request that the [[AI]] returns the shuttle. Or you can find someone to teleport aboard and pilot it home.
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