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Preform psychological evaluations. Provide mental healthcare to the crew. Prescribe antidepressants.
Difficulty: Easy
Access: Infirmary, Counselor's Office
Alternative names: Mentalist
EC branch ranks: Ensign(O-1)
Fleet branch ranks: Sub-lieutenant(O-2), Ensign(O-1)
Civ branch ranks: Contractor

The Counselor is the primary person responsible for the mental health and well-being of all personnel aboard the SEV Torch. While Physicians and Medical Technicians are largely tasked with the physical well-being of the various persons aboard the Torch, the Counselor is concerned with their psychological health. They are also responsible advising on psychic phenomena the Torch may come in contact with, as well as having tools for testing for 'spontaneous operancy'.

As with other Medical personnel, the Counselor answers directly to the Chief Medical Officer.


The Counselor's role is the one with the smallest direct connection to normal Medical work. Counselors do not perform surgery, administer medication, or stabilize critical patients. They do not retrieve casualties in the field, create medicines, or cure diseases. Unlike the rest of the Infirmary staff, the Counselor has no official responsibility towards treating patients' various injuries.

Rather, the Counselor is responsible for ensuring the mental health - or at least stability - of the crew. The job has almost no mechanical side, and is heavily role-play based. Check through the Medical records of the crew to see if anyone has recently failed a psychiatric exam, or been prescribed antidepressants. Interview stressed-out members of the crew to see if you can help them to relax and move past their worries. Hold group therapy sessions in the Counselor's Office - or, for bonus points, the Bar. Interact with people. Have fun role-playing.

The Counselor will start with an operant rank psychic discipline, dependent upon their title selection. The Counselor will have Redaction, while the Mentalist alt-title will have Coercion.

The Counselor will find a machine for testing psychic potential in their office, along with a book explaining about the mysterious Foundation, an organization that tracks and handles individuals with psychic power.