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Internals are what keeps you breathing and conscious if the air around you isn't quite as optimal as you would wish. They classically consist of a form of breathing mask and an emergency oxygen tank/standard air pressure tank.

Emergency instructions

Oh no! A dastardly traitor has vented the mess hall whilst you were enjoying a drink at the bar. It is time to act lest you wish to die due to a lack of oxygen.

  • With an empty hand active, click on your backpack.
  • You should have an internals box in there. Click on the box with the same empty hand.
  • Now select your other (empty) hand, and drag the box onto yourself to open it. You will find a breath mask and an oxygen tank inside.
  • Open your clothing inventory (it's the button on the lower-left side of your interface). Click on the mask to pick it up, then click on your "Mask" slot to wear it.
  • Click on the oxygen tank to hold it.
  • Internals.gif On the middle of the right side of your screen is an oxygen tank icon. Below it is either "On" or "Off". If it is "Off", click on the icon to turn it "On". If the tank is green, you are now breathing from internals.
  • Put the oxygen tank in a pocket (one of the slots to the right of your hand slots), or on your belt or back slot. This way, if you are knocked down, you will not lose the tank (and thus your air).


  • Can't find internals or lost your box? Find a blue locker with "O2" on it. These contain internals. Or yell for help.
  • Do you have your mask on? Check your inventory to make sure.
  • Are you holding or wearing an oxygen tank?
  • Is the oxygen turned on? If the tank status icon on the right-hand side of the screen says "Off", it isn't. Click on it to turn it on. If this doesn't work, keep troubleshooting.
  • Is your mask on your face? If you're wearing one but it's down around your neck, you need to adjust it. Right-click on the mask in your inventory and click "Adjust".
  • Is your oxygen tank full? Hold the tank and double-click on the tank. A pop-up window will show your tank pressure and mask pressure. Your mask pressure should be at least 18 kPa, and if the tank pressure is lower than that, the tank is empty. If it's empty, you need to find a new tank, obviously.
  • You've gotten back to atmosphere and you're still gasping for breath? There are two possibilities:
    • Your air tank has run out, but you still have your mask on. In this case, just take off your mask. If you hear someone else gasping and you're in atmosphere, this could be the problem; it happens when someone goes SSD while wearing an oxygen tank and mask. Click on them and drag to your character to open their interface, and then click on their mask to remove it. Congratulations; you may have just saved their life.
    • You have injuries that are making it hard to get enough air. Possibilities include a collapsed lung (if you were exposed to vacuum, this is the most likely), a chest injury that hurt your heart or lungs (this causes chest pain), or losing more than a fifth of your blood volume. A punctured lung is a medical emergency; chest injuries may or may not be (depending on severity), and blood loss may or may not be (depending on just how much blood you've lost). If your character knows first aid, they might be able to stabilize themselves. Otherwise, yell for Medical or get yourself there if you can still walk.


To equip any kind of internals, it is necessary to wear a breathing device on your face and to hold any kind of breathing tank. You then use the tank and can set the distribution pressure as well as read the remaining pressure and open the valve. It is not necessary to manually connect the tank to your mask, you do that by opening the valve.

Storing the tank away into any container or dropping it will sever the connection to your mask (and automatically close the valve). It is recommended to secure the breathing tank as to avoid accidental dropping and subsequent suffocating.

Saving lives

Should you find yourself in an atmosphere unfit for breathing with someone else and should this person have been unable to go to internals in time to remain conscious their only chance is you to set them up with a working pair.

Always Remember: Your Own Safety First

Should you pass out of oxygen loss in the process of securing your co-worker you will both lose you life. To set someone up with a pair of internals you need to put a feasible kind of breathing mask on their face and some kind of breathing tank on either their belt or back, depending on size. Then you need to open the valve.

(To open the inventory of another, drag and drop their character sprite on your own character sprite same as you would open a box. The option "Set Internals" will appear next to the breathing tank should the character be equipped with a breathing tank and a breathing mask)

Note that self maintained breathing will stop should the person have been airless for more than ~2 minutes after unconsciousness, depending on trace amounts of oxygen still in the air. It is vital that you confirm if the person is still breathing, should it not CPR or oxygen medication is required. Note that for CPR you need to both have removed your masks and have breathable atmosphere. So make sure that, if you can leave the area, you bring your co-worker straight to the nearest medical doctor or medical schooled employee.

In case of an atmospheric lockdown

Should you not be able to leave the area

1. Remain Calm To Conserve Oxygen.

2. Avoid Spreading The Contamination/Atmosphere Loss.

3. Inform Others About Your Situation.

4. Await Rescue.


EVA stands for Extra Vehicular Activity; this refers to any situation in which you are in space. Space can be very dangerous if you are not prepared, and there are many ways to go about venturing into it. For the purposes of this guide, EVA will also include depressurized environments within the station. Please be aware that EVA is often used to refer to EVA storage, which is where supplies for EVA can be found.

Space Suits

Space suits, which come in three main varieties, are required to survive in an under pressured or over pressure environment.

Type Image Description
Softsuit Softsuit - 64px.png Softsuits are the least advanced type of space suit. However, they can be worn by all crew members, regardless of species, and are commonly available. The drawback is that they can be torn very easily. They are not intended to be used outside of emergencies.
Voidsuit Voidsuit - 64px.png Voidsuits are the most commonly used suit. Although it is only wearable by humans by default, they can be fitted to any other species, besides Vox, using a suit cycler. These are more durable than softsuits, and often come with protection related to the job they are designed for.
Hardsuit Hardsuit - 64px.gif Hardsuits, often known as RIG suits, are the most advanced variety of space suit. They allow heavy customization and are often specialized for the job they were designed for, but they are harder to operate and often hard to gain access to. Certain varieties are also only able to be operated by one species, usually Humans.

Mechs can also serve as EVA capable vehicles.


As there is no flooring to walk on in space, you must use one of the following methods to move.

  1. Move adjacent to a structure. While next to a solid object such as a wall or window, you can move normally at a decreased speed and with a chance to slip (which can be removed with Mashoe.png magboots). This is a bit dangerous since you might slip and end up floating in space. In that case, use one of the other methods to return or call for help.
  2. Use a jet pack. Right click it and turn it on before use. If it is on you can move freely trough the space.
  3. Use a fire extinguisher. All you have to do is use it in the opposite direction you want to go. Due to its limited storage and imprecise aiming, the jet pack is better than the extinguisher.
  4. Throw items. Trowing objects in the opposite direction of where you want to achieve the same result as with the extinguisher. However, you are limited to the number of objects you have, which makes this more of a survival tactic then the desired way to move in space.

Be careful, move too far into space and you may be lost forever.