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Cook food for the crew. Prepare lavish feasts. Refuse to tell where the meat comes from.
Difficulty: Easy
Access: Kitchen
Related guides: Guide to Food, Guide to Hydroponics
Alternative names: Chef, Culinary Specialist
EC branch ranks: Explorer(E-3)
Fleet branch ranks: Petty Officer Third Class(E-4), Crewman(E-3), Crewman Apprentice(E-2)
Civ branch ranks: Contractor

The Cook is the Torch's primary source of vital nutrients, behind the vending machines that litter every floor and threaten his job security.

As part of the Service department, the Cook answers to the Executive Officer.

The Role

The Cook will spend most of the shift in the Kitchens, where food is prepared, and the accompanying Hydroponics bay, where the ingredients for said food are produced. In a perfect world, the Roboticist will produce a farmbot to assist in the Hydroponics end of things, and perhaps a passing Crewman or Passenger will be good enough to help out with tending the crops, but for the most part, the Cook is left to their own devices, and forced to both produce the produce and prepare the ensuing feast.

Fortunately, the Cook is not alone in attempting to keep the various personnel aboard the ship satiated. The Bartender dwells just next door, and is usually more than happy to keep any complaining customers too tipsy to shout too loud while the Cook rushes about preparing lunch. They are also usually quite pleased at the prospect of supplying the perfect drinks to accompany your culinary masterpieces.

Most people aboard the ship, however, will never visit the mess hall for food, as they can find it much more quickly and easily from the various vending machines about the station. The aspiring master chef has two options to combat this: advertise, offering lavish specials or custom orders... or simply destroy every vending machine aboard in a fit of pique and flush the contents into space.