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Defense Intelligence Agency is the military intelligence service of SCG. It is tasked with providing intelligence on military capabilities and plans of foreign powers, as well as any prospective technologies and research.



Use same ranks as SCG Fleet. Recruiting prospective candidates in military academies and naval bases. Some work undercover as diplomatic personnel, some are working in the field in active conflicts.


Generic organizational unit in the field are Stations, led by a senior agent as a Station Chief. Station Chiefs coordinate activities of DIA Operatives and Associates in their Station's area.

Operatives are the agents, either operating legally as part of SCG diplomatic staff or under fake identity. Associates are the informants, experts, and other assets that aren't the part of DIA itself.

Sometimes observing is not enough, and that's when Direct Action Teams are called upon. A dedicated black-ops unit, usually tasked with breaching into secure facilities to recover people or items, trained for both combat and intelligence gathering.

Last but not least, there's Analysts working tirelessly to compile reports from Stations into digestible intelligence.

  • Directorate F - Foreign Affairs. Catch-all for small actors that are not considered important enough to warrant their own Directorate, e.g. smaller independent Human states.
  • Directorate S - Skrell Affairs. For their entire history Directorate S have been engaged in fruitless task of spying on Skrell, having very limited success with using dissidents and expats as assets or analyzing public information.
  • Directorate G - GCC Affairs. The surprise attack that started the Gaia war was completely missed by SCG intelligence services. After the 'Catastrophe', as they call it in DIA, GCC was moved from under Directorate F umbrella into a dedicated one. Easily one of most active directorates, hellbent on not letting such a blunder occur ever again.
  • Directorate P - Positronic Union Affairs. Relatively small directorate, mostly dedicated to keeping tabs on PU activities and making sure no other major factions use them against SCG.
  • Directorate A - Administration. Under all secrecy and intrigue, DIA is still a government agency which needs to make sure salaries are paid, the pension fund is maintained, and HR complaints are handled appropriately. Due to specifics of this agency it often involves dealing with multiple layers of proxies and a mind-boggling web of illegitimate money transfer channels. Employees of this department are extremely unlikely to see any action, and some might even be lucky enough to avoid dealing with secrets that put them on a government watch list for life.
  • Directorate R - RnD and Acquisitions. Unconventional tasks call for unconventional tools, and this department provides. Whether it's finger pulse guns or gum that turns into explosive when chewed, brightest minds in several top-secret labs will do their best to make it to the spec. Sometimes it might be faster (or desirable for deniability) to just buy it somewhere - legally or not. Acquisition part of the department handles that, from dealing with megacorps to getting something on black market.
  • Directorate I - Internal Affairs. This department is dealing with a monumental task - watching the watchers. Whether a security leak is suspected, or an employee takes an extended leave without warning, these nice and very persistent gentlemen will find the problem and plug it (sometimes literally). It is secretive even by DIA standards, and not a lot is known to public (or even other employees).