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|name = [[Office of Civil Investigation and Enforcement|<span style="color:yellow">Office of Civil Investigation and Enforcement</span>]]
|name = [[Sol Federal Police|<span style="color:yellow">Sol Federal Polcie</span>]]
|logo = IPMLogo.png
|logo = IPMLogo.png
|full_name = Office of Civil Investigation and Enforcement
|full_name = Sol Federal Police
|short_name = OCIE
|short_name = SFP
|formed = 2438
|formed = 2438
|style = Uniformed Civilian Law Enforcement Agency
|style = Uniformed Civilian Law Enforcement Agency

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Sol Federal Polcie
Full Name: Sol Federal Police
Short Name: SFP
Formed: ~2440
Style: Uniformed Civilian Law Enforcement Agency
Join Requirements: Any SolGov Citizen
Minimum Training: 8 Months
Training Style: Law Enforcement Academy
  • Civilian law enforcement operations within Sol territories
  • Organised Crime Task Forces and anti-racketeering operations
  • Anti-smuggling operations
  • Investigation of crimes across planetary and system borders
  • High profile investigations involving politicians and other public figures
  • Fugitive recovery
  • Sol Law Enforcement in non-planetary jurisdictions