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Tau Ceti is a young, yellow G-class star containing several colonised planets and located towards the edges of known human space. It is more resource abundant than many systems in the sector, but ongoing industrialisation attempts are hampered at every turn by NanoTrasen's economic and military stranglehold. That said, Tau Ceti is home to four planets colonised in a pre-NanoTrasen era which owe dubious loyalty to the multi-trillion-Thaler giant at best. Trade and immigration to the system is also limited, in an attempt to maintain tight security over several NT or allied research installations in orbit around the star.

Other installations are also present in the system, some are similar holdovers from the pre-NanoTrasen era or owned and maintained by the complex system of contracts and torts that allows NanoTrasen to call other corporations 'friends.'

Planets and Bodies Around Tau Ceti

Tau Ceti I (TC-191X)

This is a small, hot world with a thick and toxic atmosphere reminiscent of Sol's Venus. The close proximity to Tau Ceti renders any activity on this world too dangerous to consider, although heavy heat and radiation shielding mitigate the risk enough for a single stellar observation post in the upper equatorial region, which has the shortest day period on the planet.

Planet Luthien, Tau Ceti II

A small colony established on a feral, untamed world largely comprised of jungles with some savannah around the lower equatorial regions. Human inhabitants are outnumbered by feral native species and wild beasts, which attack the outpost regularly, NT maintains tight military control over the few tiny population centres located near the poles.

The only regular transit going to this planet are xenobiologists on research or specimen gathering trips, or rich nobles from the inner colonies looking to have a taste of the 'wild side' or hunt some of the notoriously dangerous game that lurks here.

Planet Bimna, Tau Ceti III

A medium sized planet with a strong economy and stable populace, Bimna is noteworthy for very little beyond having a large academic population, and having one of the largest shipyards in the sector. Being so far from the inner colonies, neither achievement means much however.

Planet New Gibson, Tau Ceti IV

New Gibson is a medium sized, rocky planet that is covered in rampant industrialisation. Containing the majority of the planet-bound resources in the system, New Gibson is torn by unrest and has very little wealth to call it's own that isn't flowing into the coffers of NanoTrasen and sub-contracter corporations.

Periodically, NT riot teams are dispatched to crack down on rioters and malcontents.

Planet Reade, Tau Ceti V

A small, cold, metal-deficient world, NT maintains agricultural pastures in whatever available space in an attempt to salvage some worth from this profitless colony, after a clerical error in the late 2400s resulted in significant expenditure in settlement and infrastructure. Nowadays, what remains of that misguided re-colonisation project makes up several cavernous, ruined cities (some of which are visible from orbit).

Much of the population is scattered around in hamlets and resource aggregation centres and little trade exists beyond the offworld agricultural shipments, although there is ongoing civilian interest in the planet for other reasons - there are occasional rumours of strange lights, unexplained disappearances or otherworldly phenomena suggestive of a xenos presence, along with unseasonal weather conditions that have trumped such august institutions as NanoTrasen's Department of Meteorology, the Akanata Institute of Applied Meteorological Sciences on Biesel and the homegrown Reade Citizen's Occult Investigation Network.

Tau Ceti VI (TC-645X)

A small, cold world with a thin and unbreathable atmosphere and notably low gravity. Geological surveys over the centuries have catalogued an anomalous network of cavities within the middle and lower crust of the planet that result in remarkably low gravity, and a complete lack of seismic activity. The planet is completely void of anything making settlement worthwhile, but recently there have been rumours of illegitimate shipping here. Security patrols have thus far turned up nothing, but some parties hypothesize that any smugglers or bandits could hide in the dense molecular band in a median orbit around Tau Ceti to fool in-system sensors.

OAS Redolant, research installation in orbit around Tau Ceti VII (TC-728X)

Osiris Atmospherics maintains a research station in orbit around the only gas giant insystem (as yet unnamed). They retain tight control over shipping and exploitation rights, and Osiris warships protecting their prize are not an uncommon sight in Tau Ceti. NanoTrasen begrudgingly tolerates the naval presence for a share of the profits and knowledge gained.

Beltway asteroid mining chain

A co-operative effort between Beltway and NanoTrasen to exploit the resource abundant outer asteroid belt of the Tau Ceti system. Paranormal tourism is a small side industry that has sprung up from guided shuttle tours of the site of several mysteriously vacated mining installations over the past decades.