Service Jobs

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Executive Officer
XO-EC.pngXO-Fleet.pngXO-Marine.png Branch: Crew
Difficulty: Very Hard
Be the CO's right hand. Manage personnel assignments and alter ID access levels. Control the Service and Supply Departments. Manage anyone without a department head. Ensure that all personnel comply with all appropriate regulations.
Crewman-EC.pngCrewman-Fleet.pngCrewman-Marine.png Branch: Crew
Difficulty: Very Easy
Explore the spaceship and see if anyone needs help with anything. Get in trouble for being places you shouldn't be.
Janitor-EC.pngJanitor-Fleet.pngJanitor-Marine.png Branch: Crew OR Passenger (Contractor)
Difficulty: Easy
Clean and maintain the spaceship. Replace broken lights. Put up wet floor signs.
Bartender-torch.png Branch: Passenger (Contractor)
Difficulty: Very Easy
Mix and serve drinks. Entertain the crew.
Cook-EC.pngCook-Fleet.pngCook-Marine.png Branch: Crew OR Passenger (Contractor)
Difficulty: Easy
Cook food for the crew. Prepare lavish feasts.