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SEV Torch/Deck B/Bridge

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The bridge is where most of the command staff get things done. It is the command center of the ship and can be controlled almost completely from it.

SEV Torch
SEV Torch Deck B
Clearance Command
Purpose The command center of the ship, containing the piloting helm, navigation console, and other useful computers.



Location Description Access


The primary area of the bridge is used for command of the ship and it's staff, it has a copy of most of the different types of computers on the ship and can be locked down in case of emergencies. Command staff

Captain's Quarters

This area houses the Commanding Officer's office and sleeping quarters. It has a variety of unique and special items Commanding Officer

Conference Room

This is where important meetings are held. It has a large table for conferences and meetings between bridge staff and anybody who they may wish to meet with. Command staff

Bridge safe room

Bridge staff head here in an event of an emergency, it is equipped to handle most emergency situations and has it's own oxygen. Command staff

Bridge Storage

Holds various, random supplies for the command staff. Command staff