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SEV Torch/Deck 4/Hangar Logistics

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Hangar Logistics
SEV Torch
SEV Torch Deck 4
Clearance Cargo, Science
Purpose The area to prepare for expeditions, manage the ship's trash, and order cargo supplies.
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The ladders connect up to Deck Three.


This area houses the Supply department, which is in charge of ordering cargo supplies, overseeing the Hangar, and managing the ship's disposals systems.

Supply Office

This office, located right next to the ladders, is where crew and passengers come to place cargo orders. (Note that orders can also be placed remotely via any computer with the "Supply" program installed, but the Supply team is not guaranteed to accept them.) Inside, there is an Autolathe, a photocopier, and a fax machine.

Disposals/Mailing Area

All un-tagged (usually trash) objects placed in the ship's Disposal units will come out here, on the conveyor belt, where the Supply team can filter out any useful materials and send the rest out to the waste room. This belt is also used to mail crates and other goods.


At the back of the Supply Office is the Warehouse, an area used for general storage. There is a Mech charger present, along with a train trolley.

Deck Officer's Office

This large office belongs to the Deck Officer.

Expedition Prep Area

This area is used by Science department staff to prepare for away missions.

Expedition Prep

Located across from the ladders, here you'll find some useful mining equipment, along with general expedition equipment like positioning units and Bluespace flares.

Expedition EVA

A small room containing oxygen tanks and lots of mining/expedition hardsuits.

Expedition Storage

This warehouse contains mining drills, ore boxes, anomaly containers, and an industrial RIG suit. There is a ladder leading up to another storage room on Deck Two.

Security Checkpoint

This small security checkpoint is rarely staffed. It contains two consoles and a crew-access locker.