SEV Torch/Deck 3/Central Hallway

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Central Hallway
SEV Torch
SEV Torch Deck 3
Clearance Everyone
Purpose Entertainment and food services.
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Torch ladders d3.png

The ladders connect to the central hallways of both deck 2 and 4.

Auxiliary Tool Storage

Torch aux tools.png

Located by the ladders, this small storage room is a public area to obtain tools. In addition, there is fuel, water, rechargers, spare power cells, and a disposals bin.



The Holodeck is an area where the crew can relax, hold meetings or play sports. It has a computer console with numerous settings. Everything within the Holodeck isn't real, including violence. That is assuming safety protocols are not roverridden.

Mess Hall


With the exception of the Officer's Mess, this is the area where all crew comes to eat. It houses the bartender and chef, as well as several vending machines.



The bar is the bartender's workplace. It contains various dispensers for drinks, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic.



The kitchen is the cook's workplace. It contains cooking equipment: a blender, a rolling pin, an oven, a griddle, a microwave, a candy maker, and some supplies. Details on how to use these machines can be found in the Guide to Food.


Freezer torch.png

The freezer is where the cook stores their ingredients.


Hydroponics torch.png

Hydroponics, found near the far end of the Mess Hall, is where any member of crew may grow plants. The cook may get ingredients from here as well.

Crew Quarters

Crew Quarters.png

These areas are located across from the Mess Hall.

Cryogenic Storage

Cyro d3.png

This is where the crew wakes up or goes to sleep for long periods of time. Players should go here if they wish to leave the round - just enter one of the pods, and then close the game.

Bunk Room


A place for the crew to take quick naps.



An area for the crew to read and relax. Contains a coffee machine and some tables, along with a library and facilities to upload your own books.



A bathroom and shower.