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Root, a once beautiful forest planet laden with valuable resources. Just three fourths the size of earth, though with a similar mass, it was, not too long ago, home to a rich ecosystem host to a myriad of non-sentient life.

List of Colonies
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Faction Positronic Union
System Kernel
Population 0
Founded 2554
Coordinates (LY) -3.3X, -32.9Y

Positronics, with little need for clean air, water and land, have foregone the need to sustain the environment around them - instead opting to make the most use of what is available. Unfortunately for Root - this resulted in an ongoing mass extinction. Still well underway, the planet still hosts life of varied size, nature, and quantity. Nonetheless, without a doubt, the planet may be considered a dead rock in the next few decades. It appears that the machines are utilizing all of this space in order to create an enormous production facility. Materials stripped appear to be the same as those used in positronic brains, although the Union will not comment.

The union's ever increasing population is aided by their own constructs, simple drones tasked with resource gathering, and heavy lifting.

The very few cities on Root are hardly comparable to anything you would see on earth, resembling densely packed stations and small colonies more than anything. Housing remains small, with only the most sentimental individuals opting for anything more than a charging station. Not a whole lot is known about what kind of work positronics themselves perform, with all industrial work being automated.