Research Jobs

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Research Director
Difficulty: Hard
Coordinate the Research Department. Lead all Nanotrasen staff. Make sure that your staff are properly logging their work. Ensure that the slimes don't escape, the anomalies don't damage the ship, and that the Mining crew is securing appropriate resources.
NanoTrasen Corporate Liaison
Difficulty: Easy
Represent Nanotrasen's interests on board the Torch. Keep the mission focused on the opportunities for research and business. Advise the CO and RD on matters of company policy. Report back to NanoTrasen with progress. Investigate breaches of Corporate Regulations.
Senior Researcher
Difficulty: Medium
Be the Research Director's right hand. Handle day-to-day operations of the Research department. Ensure that orders are carried out quickly and efficiently. Stop slime outbreaks and anomalies containment breaches as they happen.
Difficulty: Medium
Research phoron, aliens or technology. Go hunting for artifacts. Play with unpredictable anomalies.
Research Assistant
Difficulty: Easy
Help the RD and the Research Team with whatever they need. Fetch coffee. Clean the labs. Be a test subject.
Security Guard
Difficulty: Medium
Protect corporate assets by any means necessary. Protect the scientists from their own creations. Protect the scientists' creations from the crew. Protect the away team from the away site. Be a shadowy corporate thug.
NanoTrasen Pilot
Difficulty: Easy
Fly the Charon. Relax in the pilot's lounge.
Difficulty: Medium
Go on wacky space adventures. Mine for gold. Pick through the ruins of ancient civilizations.