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Research is a large topic with several distinct branches. This guide is a basic overview of methods, protocols and general research things such as deconstruction and the learning matrix.

Deconstruction and the Learning Matrix

The backbone of research is the Learning Matrix. This computer network is responsible for organizing the advancements made in the department. The Status of the learning matrix dictates what kind of experimental new technologies and items you can print from the protolathe and circuit printer. In short, in order to get anywhere or do anything in the research and development lab, you must update your learning matrix.

The key to upgrading the learning matrix is easy. It all comes down to deconstruction. Deconstruction is easy. Simply stick items into the destructive analyzer and turn it on. Remember, you'll only advance one level at a time per item, and only if the tech level is equal or greater than your current research level. It is possible to eject items from the deconstructive analyzer if, say, security notices their missing laser guns. As always, experiment! Some technology on the station is just so basic that the analyzer won't even bother with it, but things like bruise packs, flashbangs, and some of the odds and ends in your very lab will all work.

Fabricator Lab

The Fabricator Lab is where you get to put the results of upgrading the learning Matrix to good use. It is here where you can use a few different machines to produce exciting new items and experimental tech that not only is cool but also the crew can use.


The Protolathe requires materials such as metal, glass and mineable minerals, each sheet gives 3750 units when inserted into a Protolathe. It allows you to build various high tech objects. The designs available are entirely dependent on how upgraded the learning matrix, thus a higher level learning matrix will have more designs.

To use the Protolathe you must use the same computer used for the destructive analyzer but instead you click on the Protolathe Construction Menu. Here you will see a list of all available designs based on the current status of the learning matrix. Designs with a blue hyperlink on them mean you have enough materials in the Protolathe to create them, while regular black text ones mean that you can design them but you currently do not have enough materials.

To create an item simply click on one of the available designs and wait a few seconds for it to be produced in the Protolathe. After that it should be ready and the shiny new item is all yours! You may wish to test out your new item, donate it to another department or put it in the destructive analyzer to upgrade your learning matrix even more, the choice is yours!

Circuit Imprinter

The circuit printer fabricates internal components and as the name suggests circuits that are used in things such as computers, mechs, engineering and telecoms systems, and anything else mechanical in nature.

Using the Circuit Imprinter is very similar to the protolathe, the same computer console is used to access it just make sure to click on Circuit Construction Menu this time. Similar to the protolathe you will see a list of designs available once again dependent on the state of the Learning Matrix. All you have to do is click on a blue hyperlinked design to being fabricating it and it will be produced within seconds. The Designs made from the Circuit Imprinter can also be used in the destructive analyzer, which is helpful as some of the designs are quite high level and can greatly improve the Learning Matrix.

One small note is the fact that many designs in the Circuit Imprinter require sulfuric acid. Thankfully the Fabricator Lab has a sulfuric acid dispenser on the wall near the imprinter. Be sure to take a beaker and fill the circuit impirnter with sulfuric acid every once in awhile.

List of Destructible Items

Destructive Analyzer