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| related          = ''Coming Soon''
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The '''Ninja''' is an antagonist role that operates as a solo player. They have no team, and must rely on their own skills and knowledge to accomplish their objectives.
The '''Ninja''' is an antagonist role that operates as a solo player. They have no team, and must rely on their own skills and knowledge to accomplish their objectives.
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Ninja 96px.png
Uphold the ways of Bushido. Walk boldly through forbidden halls, and sever the hands of any man who would dare challenge you. Drink the spaceship's power as surely as steel swallows lightning. Vanish into the shadows and emerge with your blade at their throats.
Difficulty: Very Hard
Access: Almost everywhere
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The Ninja is an antagonist role that operates as a solo player. They have no team, and must rely on their own skills and knowledge to accomplish their objectives.

Master of Stealth

The Ninja's main job is to infiltrate the ship, and maintain their stealth for as long as they can. They do this by utilizing a variety of special equipment, and avoiding populated areas that may result in being exposed. The Ninja will have their own set of objectives and an overall mission to accomplish, which they typically decide on before boarding the ship.


Armed with a variety of special equipment, the Ninja can be well equipped for different situations. Among the most important is their hardsuit. This unique suit allows the Ninja to access special functions, such as cloaking, energy swords, and in the event of a complete mission failure, a self destruct function. The Ninja may also choose to equip themselves with physical weapons such as a sword and throwing stars.


Abilities All of your abilities stem from your suit. Knowing how to use your hardsuit, while keeping it moderately charged and fully operational is key to being a successful ninja. A short description of the ninja context of each module can be found below.

Teleporter: The Teleporter has two options. A random emergency teleport that teleports you to a random tile near your current position, or a precision teleport that takes you to the turf of your choosing. Set your variable Visor to Meson mode to make the best use of this ability.

Mounted Energy Sword: Equally efficient in slaying your enemies or breaking airlocks open. Remember that once you break the airlock, you'd need a crowbar to open it; unless the airlock has the Secure Bolt feature. Note that the "Toggle Module" version of the energy sword is the one that gives you a sword, while the "Select module" version fires small ninja-stars that knock down your targets when you middle-click.

Stealth System: Provides the ninja with digital camouflage when the insolent AI is nosing in your affairs.

Variable Visor: Provides Meson, Thermal or Night vision modes at will.

Voice Changer: Conceal your awesome identity in the Spider Clan Trademark Weird Voice generator. Why not use it to incriminate your kidnapping target to have him readied for you to pluck him from the brig?

Energy Net: Capture your hapless (hopefully brigged) target like the dog that he is! Nothing can break this net! (Except a few well placed hits with a heavy item, of course) For you foreign-operating ninjas out there; the energy net will only hold your target. It will not teleport them away!

Chemical Dispenser: Hold the chemist hostage and force him to make you meds? No more! Fabricate your meds on the go with the inbuilt module.

Grenade Launcher: When stealth and ninja-ness no longer exist in your dictionary.

IIS Module: What a better way to punish the nosy AI than by capturing it? Remember to disable AI control of your suit.

Power Sink: The core module that keeps your suit running. Use the Power Sink module to charge your suit by draining wires, SMESs, APCs and more!

Data Jack: Your research stealing device.

Self Destruct Module: In the unlikely event that the Ninja isn't all ninja-ey after all, use this to prevent these fools from laying their hands on your wonderful suit; taking you and hapless bystanders with it.

In addition to their suit and weapons, they have access to a special stealth shuttle equipped with a teleporter to board the ship.


As an antagonist, the primary threat to a Ninja is the crew itself. Depending on the mission and way they go about it, a Ninja may find themselves hunted to be arrested or potentially killed. Because of this, a Ninja will often try to go about their mission without revealing themselves to the crew for as long as possible.

Another danger that presents itself to the Ninja is the ship. If they aren't careful, a Ninja may find themselves trapped, potentially where oxygen may not be present.

Roleplaying Tips

  • As an antagonist, your goal is to create conflict for the crew- preferably without murdering a group of people in a common area. Remember, above all else your goal is to complete your mission.
  • While it's entirely optional, the Ninja is suited to a stealth gameplay. Hiding in maintenance tunnels, cloaking while in the hallways and waiting until a room is empty before moving will all aid you in surviving as long as possible.
  • While most players choose to play the Ninja as a silent type, or a traditional honor-bound Ninja, ultimately how you choose to play the character is up to you. Just remember that you have an objective to complete, and joining the ships Most Wanted list is a good way to jeopardize that.