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For a job that is primarily out in space or on an unknown planet, mining is a relatively safe (given that the Prospector is experienced) occupation. Still, the entire vessel is depending on you to bring back that all-important phoron and minerals. Just follow a few guidelines here to keep yourself from becoming lost in the mines.

On Deck 4 they use the expedition storage to gear up located fore of the supply office, as well as the refinery which is located on the aft (right) side of the hangar. The Prospector will either take the Charon for mining expeditions if a Pilot or a Pathfinder is present, or they can take the GUP on their own. Just make sure you follow the away mission SOP.

While mining can be extremely easy, every good prospector must keep their wits about them, they are often some ways away from the ship and must exercise caution when mining on unknown planets.



As a Prospector you are provided with lots of equipment to do your job. This equipment can be found in the expedition prep storage near the supply office. Below is a list with a brief description of what it is.

Locker Equipment

Within the orange lockers for prospectors and on the racks, you will find some items to help you start out your shift.

  • Webbing: Attach it to your jumpsuit for three extra storage slots!
  • Analyzer: Displays information about the air around you. Some exoplanets have a flammable atmosphere!
  • Mining Satchel: Picks up every ore you walk across. Use it with an ore box!
  • Lantern: Portable light source.
  • Mining Drill: Click on rocks with to mine them or on the ground to get sand.
  • Optical Material Scanner: Lets you see through walls, objects only.
  • Optical Meson Scanner: Lets you see through walls, it's a must for mining.
  • Ore Detector: Scan your environment from time to time. Right-click it to print survey data and give it to supply for supply points!

If you want to use the big mining drill, make sure you get a toolbelt, a wrench and a screwdriver. You can ask supply for it, get one from the excavation locker or take the one from the Charon (in case you go down with it).

EVA Equipment

North of the mining preparation room is the EVA room. Unlock and open a storage unit, and take out everything. If you are a different species than Human, use the Mining Suit Cycler in the southwest corner of the room to adjust your suit.

Make sure to refill your oxygen tank!

If you want to make sure you don't run out of air, take a second oxygen tank from the Tank Storage Unit above the canister and fill it too.

Expedition Storage

Above the EVA room is the storage warehouse which holds all the big and heavy objects. The Expedition Storage conveniently has some shudders that can be opened into the hangar alllowing you to easily load up the gear onto the Charon faster

  • Mining Drill Parts: You need all three parts for it to function. They work with power cells, make sure you take some!
  • Ore Boxes: Load ores into these both from the drill and from your satchel.
  • Floodlights: Illuminates almost the entire screen. They work with power cells as well.
  • Industrial suit control module: A hardsuit designed for experienced Prospectors. Put it on your backpack slot and select the "Hardsuit" tab to operate it!

Getting There

Every round starts with the Torch stationing close to an asteroid, so unless command have already moved the ship, you should be good to go. First things first: check if an away mission is being organized. If there is a Pathfinder or a NanoTrasen Pilot awake, inform them that you would like to go on an away mission. It is always safer to go together than alone and technically they should be the ones flying you down.

Flying Down

If you are alone or they are unresponsive, take the GUP (the tiny ship in the southeast corner of the Hangar). Load an ore box and maybe three parts of the mining drill with some power cells, put on your EVA gear, and announce your departure over the radio. Sit in the fancy chair and select your destination - preferably Landing Zone #1 or #2.

Leaving the ship

Click the tiny "interior access button" to open the inner airlock. Whenever you are in the external access, it is always advised to:

  • Turn on your internals.
  • Turn on your magboots (in case someone forces the airlock).
  • Buckle yourself to a handrail (not available on GUP).

If you are ready, click the "docking port controller" and select "Cycle to Exterior". The ship will suck out all the air from this room and then equalize the room with whatever atmosphere the outside has.

Safety measures

The following tips might greatly increase your lifespan:

  • Check your internals from time to time under the "Status" tab. If your Tank Pressure is too low, swap your oxygen tank or return to the ship.
  • Try to go on an away mission with at least one more person.
  • Have a shortwave radio in your pocket. You can use ;message to talk locally.
  • If you are injured or you contacted a virus, inform the rest of the expedition and return to the ship. Both your wounds and the virus can be lethal if they are not treated in time.
  • Never be afraid to ask for help. Ask questions through the radio from the rest of the expedition or use the Charon's long-range telepad to contact the Bridge if you are in a huge trouble.


Mechanically, mining is actually quite simple. In order to mine some ore, you must first find some rock that has mineral veins in it. Each vein has a different colour based on the ore it contains. Just simply click it with a mining drill to mine it, then walk over (or click it with) a mining satchel in your hand or on your belt slot. Once your satchel is full, empty it into an ore box.

If you are done with mining (and assuming you went down alone), load everything back to the GUP, select the "SEV Torch - Guppy Hangar" destination, and fly back.

Mining Drill 101

Inactive drill (above), set up drill (below).

The large mining drill that can be found in expedition storage, while it is bulky and requires some setup to use, is a very powerful and efficient tool.

Setting it up

For most drill functions, you will need a wrench and a screwdriver.

  • Drag all pieces as you found it in the storage: braces on two sides, head on the middle.
  • Wrench the braces.
  • Click the head with an empty hand.

Usage and Maintenance

If there is a flashing yellow light on the head, it means that the drill is now working! Occasionally, however, it will flash a red light. Click it with an empty hand to restart it and see the error message:

  • Resources depleted: Wrench the braces and move the drill elsewhere.
  • Insufficient storage space: The drill is full. Put an ore box above or below the head, right-click the head and select "Unload Drill".
  • The drill is unpowered: It lacks a (charged) power cell. Click the head with a screwdriver to open its panel, click on it with an empty hand to remove the power cell. Take a charged cell into your hands, click the head to insert it, then use a screwdriver to close it. Click the head again to re-activate it.

Ripley APLU

The Roboticist can build an exosuit for you that has an inbuilt drill, ore box, and its own internals. To access the APLU's menu, click on the "Exosuit Interface" tab and select "View Stats." To select your active tool, click on the name under "Equipment." An underline means it is not active. To load a box into the Ripley, click on the ore box while facing it with your hydraulic clamp active. To mine, walk into the rock wall with your drill active.

If there is a Roboticist active, don't be afraid to ask for a Ripley!


After a successful mining expedition, ideally, you will come back with a large amount of multiple different ores. In order for them to be worth anything or used in any projects on the Torch, you must refine them using the refinery on the aft (east) edge of the hangar.

  • Put the ore box one tile to the left of the Unloader.gif "unloading machine".
  • Click the "mining conveyor" below the box to send the ores into the Furnace.gif "material processor".
  • Select the Miningconsole.gif "mining console" to operate the furnace.

Alloying means combining multiple products (see below).

Make sure you give some phoron to supply and divide the rest between Science and Robotics!

Ores that are compressed into their sheet or brick form will sometimes be useful to chemistry as they can be blended for their chemical counterparts.

Note: If you don't select the right method for each ore, they might turn out to be either useless slags or straight explode.

Processing method
Name (Raw ore) Smelting Compressing Alloying
Rough Diamond Diamond Gem
Hematite Iron Ingot Steel Sheet
Raw Hydrogen Tritium Ingot Metallic Hydrogen Sheet
Native Gold Gold Ingot
Native Silver Silver Ingot
Phoron Explosion Phoron Crystal
Pitchblende Uranium Sheet Pitchblende Brick
Graphene Plastic Sheet Graphene "Sheet"
(Is ingot icon)
Steel Sheet
Raw Platinum Platinum Ingot Osmium Ingot Plasteel Sheet, Borosilicate Glass Sheet
Bauxite Aluminium Sheet Bauxite Brick
Sand Glass Sheet Sandstone Borosilicate Glass Sheet
Quartz Quartz
Pyrite Pyrite
Spodumene Spodumene
Cinnabar Cinnabar
Phosphorite Phosphorite
Rock Salt Rock Salt
Potash Potash
Tetrahedrite Copper
Rutile Titanium
Result Ingredient Ingredient Ingredient Ingredient
Osmium-Carbide Plasteel Sheet 5 Plasteel 3 Osmium
Plasteel Sheet 1 Platinum 2 Steel
Borosilicate Glass Sheet 1 Platinum 2 Sand
Steel Sheet 1 Graphene 1 Hematite