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Medical Technician
Fetch patients and bring them to Medbay. Run errands for the Physicians. Get yelled at for not bandaging wounds.
Difficulty: Medium
Access: Infirmary, EVA
Related guides: Guide to Medicine, Guide to Chemistry
Alternative names: Corpsman, Paramedic
EC branch ranks: Senior Explorer(E-5), Explorer(E-3)
Fleet branch ranks: Petty Officer First Class(E-6), Petty Officer Second Class(E-5), Petty Officer Third Class(E-4), Crewman(E-3)
Civ branch ranks: Contractor

The Medical Technician is the primary medical first responder aboard the SEV Torch and, next to the Physician, the most vital part of the Medical machine. While the Physician handles most of the intensive cases, Medical Technicians are tasked with the retrieval and stabilization of these patients. When a member of the crew is critically wounded and can't reach the Infirmary, it's the Medical Technician's job to go and retrieve them. When there's a state of emergency on board the ship, it's the Medical Technician's job to watch the sensors and make sure that no one's gotten hurt. When the Medbay is clogged with patients and the Physician is locked up in the operating theater, it's the Medical Technician's job to make sure no one dies in the interim. When the Physician needs an extra pair of hands to keep a patient stable, it's the Medical Technicans's job to provide. You may not hold a scalpel, or even a medical degree, but without you, Medical doesn't function. So put on your First Responder jacket, load up your medical belt, and make sure to keep those stasis bags handy. It's time to save some lives.

Medical technicians answer directly to both Physicians and the Chief Medical Officer. You take orders from both, but the Chief Medical Officer is your ultimate boss, and their orders take priority.


As a Medical Technician, you are the most junior of the Medical crew, and your job largely consists of doing the stuff that other people don't have time to. You are the department's gopher, fetching whatever needs to be fetched quickly and professionally. And you are quick, because in this department, a few seconds can make the difference between life and death.

The most well-known part of your work as a Medical Technician is to act as Medical's first responder. You are the emergency rescue crew. When a call goes out over General screaming for "MEDICAL TO THE HANGAR", you're the one that responds. It's your job to get there fast, find out who's hurt, and get them back to the Infirmary as fast as possible so that the Physicians can fix them up. When necessary, you also apply basic treatments in the field to keep your patients stable long enough to survive the trip. Bandages, CPR, and auto-injectors are your tools of the trade. When people say "first aid", they're talking about you, so be sure to have emergency equipment on you at all times.

Aside from responding to emergency calls, you are essentially the department's Igor, doing whatever your masters in the higher ranks think is necessary to preserve the well-being of the crew. This can range from making sure that the IV drips are full and fetching medications for the Physicians to administering injections of basic medicines, or even assisting in the operating room, if necessary.

Your job is to make sure everything gets to where it needs to be, as fast as it can possibly get there. Whether it's patients, medication, or just another pair of hands, you supply the things that keep Medbay running.

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