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Master at Arms
Patrol the spaceship and apprehend criminals. Whine at CoS to sign your warrant. Get away with war crimes.
Difficulty: Hard
Access: Security
Related guides: Sol Central Government Law, Sol Code of Uniform Justice, Standard Operating Procedure, Alert Procedure, Combat
EC branch ranks: Explorer(E-3)
Fleet branch ranks: Petty Officer Third Class(E-4), Crewman(E-3), Crewman Apprentice(E-2)

The Master at Arms is the workhorse position of the Security department. They are the ship's first line of defense against criminal elements and hostile xenoforms. With their trusty stunbaton and taser pistol, it is the Master at Arms who chases down the various lawbreakers of the Torch and hauls them back to the Brig for processing.

The Master at Arms answers to the Chief of Security, as well as the Brig Chief when the Chief of Security is busy handling other matters. Ideally, the Brig Chief would be in charge of handling security patrol assignments and you should report directly to him unless any matters concern the Chief of Security.

The Role

Looking for criminals in dark maintenance tunnels is common.

The Master at Arms' responsibilities are very simple in theory, but very demanding in practice: they must patrol the ship, apprehend lawbreakers, and neutralize hostiles, all while obeying the law themselves.

During any given shift, most of any Master at Arms' time will be spent searching for, apprehending, and returning various criminals to the Brig, where they will (ideally) be processed by the Brig Chief. In the absence of a Brig Chief or Chief of Security, or if given orders to do so, a Master at Arms may handle prisoner processing, but this is not their primary function - they are primarily responsible for tracking down the personnel that the Chief of Security has authorized warrants on.

Of course, in addition to any complications that this basic job may entail, Masters at Arms are the first in the line of fire should the ship come under attack by hostile forces, whether from within or without. They are the frontline defenders of the Torch and all of her personnel, and when a team of hostile mercenaries has breached the Vault, it is the Masters at Arms who are tasked with driving them back.

As such, an effective Master at Arms must be aware of Sol Central Government Law in all of its forms, as well as how to apply it effectively and how to be capable and effective in combat. Most outlaws on board the SEV Torch are more than capable of defending themselves, and will often have access to dangerous powers or illegal technology. The Master at Arms, in comparison, is only modestly armed (unless authorized to carry more powerful weaponry by someone higher in the chain of command), with no particularly notable tricks available to them.

It's a dirty job, but somebody's gotta do it.

Use of force guidelines

A hostile may enter this at any level, but personnel should properly judge the risk posed and escalate and de-escalate as needed. Security Personnel should work on de-escalating the use of force level necessary to level one. This is by no means rigid, and circumstances may change how personnel respond.

  • Level 1: Presence.
    • Options: Verbal commands. Presence.
    • Hostile status: Compliant, not aggressive. Neutral.
  • Level 2: Limited Force.
    • Options: Flash, Pepperspray, Limited Physical restraint .
    • Hostile status: Resisting, non-compliant.
  • Level 3: Moderate Force.
    • Options: Stunbaton, Taser, flashbang, teargas grenade.
    • Hostile Status: Aggressive behaviour, physical threat to self or others.
  • Level 4: Lethal Force:
    • Options:Lethal weapon settings.
    • Hostile status: Real possibility of immediate death or serious bodily injury.

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