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Read about the lore of Baystation 12.
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  Mechanics & Guides
Jobs and Roles
Jobs and roles are played by players during the game, either as a member of the ships crew or as an antagonist.








Special Roles
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These are a list of objects found in the game.

Welderon.gif Blankid.png Rwallbig.png Autolathebig.png Bcakebig.png Closetgreybig.png
Handheld Tools
and Weapons
Clothing &
Turfs Machines Food &

These are list of locations found in the game.

SEV Torch (Current map)
DBa.png D1ab.png D2a.png D3a.png D4a.png
Deck B Deck 1 Deck 2 Deck 3 Deck 4

These are some guides which do not fit into any particular category.

Gameplay Guides
 • Combat  • Intent  • EVA  • Internals
 • Hardsuit  • Roleplaying  • Terminology  • Keyboard Shortcuts
 • Traitor  • Random Events  • Admin Tools  • Records
Torch Guides
 • Alert Procedure  • Standard Operating Procedure  • Sol Central Government Law  • Corporate Regulations
 • Sol Code of Military Justice  • Guide to Paperwork  • Uniform Guide  • Military Guide