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There are several different species, both known and unknown, that inhabit the universe. As such, there are a variety of different languages used throughout the cosmos.

SEV Torch


Most of the major national tongues of the 21st Century have survived in one form or another, but international and interstellar conversation tends to be in one of the great common languages. Many humans speak more than one language; Zurich Common tends to be a first language, or a well understood second.

Language name Origin Cultural nexus Notes Shortcode Chat prefix
Zurich Accord Common Germanic-Romance West Europe, Africa, Americas A controlled language derived primarily from English, established by a conference of European and African research universities convening in Zurich, Switzerland in 2119 as a formal interlanguage. Adopted with little controversy as the standard language of the Terran Commonwealth and as a result, the member states of the SCG. ZAC ,1
Yangyu Trans-Himalayan Greater China, Africa A simplified version of Mandarin written in the Latin script, Yangyu steadily rose to prominence as a trade language in the continent, Japan, Korea, as well as parts of Africa. YngYu ,2
New Dehlavi Hindustani Indian Subcontinent Billed as a reunification of the Hindustani languages of Hindi and Urdu in the Latin script, New Dehlavi enjoyed very rapid adoption rates among the common populace, compared to the other great Earth commons. Dehv ,3
Prototype Standard Arabic Arabic, Berber Levant, Arab Peninsula, North Africa 'Prototype Standard Arabic', as it was known during its development as a world-wide replacement for the myriad regional dialects of Modern Standard, was mostly ignored on Earth until co-operative Pan-Arab space exploration made its use attractive. Its use as a liturgical language remains limited. PSA ,4
Iberian Iberian Americas, Southwest Europe One of the few great common Earth languages to come about naturally, this language developed in the late 21st century during a historic period of closeness between Spain, Portugal and their former colonies. Iber ,5
Pan-Slavic Slavic East Europe The official language of the Independent Colonial Confederation of Gilgamesh. Pan-Slavic was originally created in 2127 in response to perceived cultural dilution following the rapid spread of Zurich Common. Slav ,r
Selenian Germanic-Romance, Lend-Words Selene, The Moon An informal dialect of Zurich Accord Common that arose from the close confines, mixed population, and technical focus of the moon's first city, including a mix of lend-words from most other human language. Easily understood by most ZAC speakers, but only really spoken by Lunar natives. Sel ,7
Gutter Mixed Criminals This crude pidgin tongue is from nowhere in particular and varies wherever you go, descending from the local language and a mess of lend words. Largely a language of the downtroden and criminal elements. GT ,t
Sign Language Gesturing Anyone A sign language commonly used for those who are deaf or mute. HS ,s

Other languages

These languages are spoken primarily by the non-human races you'll encounter aboard the Torch - friendly or otherwise.

Language Name Primarily Used By Notes Shortcode Chat Prefix
Encoded Audio Language IPCs An efficient language of encoded tones developed by synthetics and cyborgs. Very rarely understood by organics, and pretty much impossible for an organic species to speak. EAL ,6
Skrellian Skrell A melodic and complex language spoken by the Skrell of Qerrbalak. Some of the notes are inaudible to humans. SK ,k
Sinta'unathi Unathi The common language of Moghes, composed of sibilant hisses and rattles. Spoken natively by Unathi. UT ,o
Serpentid G.A.S A strange language that can be understood both by the sounds made and by the movement needed to create those sounds. SD ,n
Spacer Anyone A rough, informal language used infrequently by humans as a last resort when attempts to establish dialogue in more proper languages fail and no autotranslators are available. Spc ,j
Rootspeak Dionaea A complex language known instinctively by Dionaea, 'spoken' by emitting modulated radio waves. This version uses high frequency waves for quick communication at short ranges. RT ,q


These languages are primarily spoken by those not usually onboard the Torch.

Language Name Primarily Used By Notes Shortcode Chat Prefix
Vox-Pidgin Vox The common tongue of the various Vox ships making up the Shoal. It sounds like chaotic shrieking to everyone else. Vox ,5
Cult Cultists The chants of the occult, the incomprehensible. CT ,f
Xenophage Xenophages The common tongue of the xenophages. Xeno ,4


In addition to traditional languages which use sound or movement, some species are able to communicate via "Hivemind"- something similar to telepathy. These communications are typically not recognized or even noticed by those who aren't part of the hive.

Language Name Primarily Used By Notes Shortcode Chat Prefix
Hivemind Xenophage Xenophages have the strange ability to commune over a psychic hivemind. N/A ,a
Changeling Changelings Although they are normally wary and suspicious of each other, changelings can commune over a distance. N/A ,g
Cortical Link Cortical Borers Cortical borers possess a strange link between their tiny minds. N/A ,x
Rootspeak(Global) Dionaea A complex language known instinctively by Dionaea, 'spoken' by emitting modulated radio waves. This version uses low frequency waves for slow communication at long ranges. N/A ,w
Occult Cultists The initiated can share their thoughts by means defying all reason. N/A ,y
Binary Cyborgs, AI Most human facilities support free-use communications protocols and routing hubs for synthetic use. N/A ,b
Drone Drones A heavily encoded damage control coordination stream. N/A ,d

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