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Your Job aboard the SEV Torch defines what equipment you start with, which areas you can access with ID card, and what you're actually supposed to be doing. Due to new Sol Central Government Laws for equal rights, you might encounter some interesting new Species working alongside you.

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Currently the SEV Torch is carrying both Military Personnel and Passengers, there are differences between them.

  • Crew Are the majority of the personnel on the Torch, affiliated with either the Sol Government Expeditionary Corps (Exploration Focused Organization, and the bulk of the people on the Torch. What you'll spawn as by Default.), Fleet (Basically the Navy, maintains and pilots the Sol Government's Ships) and the Marines (Ship Based Infantry, Combat Focused.). They take up most of Command, and all of Security, Engineering, Medical and Cargo. Basically, almost everybody on the Torch is a Crewmember unless otherwise noted. Their actions are governed by Sol Central Government Law, and the the Sol Code of Military Justice as a member of the Defense Forces. All fleet personnel, marines and members of the expeditionary corps are also expected to conform to the Uniform Guide.
  • Passengers are either NanoTrasen employees or General Passengers with some other role with no set affiliation. Passengers are only required to follow the orders of Commissioned Officers, or their immediate superior. For NanoTrasen Staff this is the Research Director.For General Passengers, this is the Executive Officer. All Passengers are required to follow orders from heads of staff normally, and orders from security and all officers during Red Alert, however. They are also required to follow Nanotrasen Corporate Regulations at the Discretion of the Research Director, if they are a Nanotrasen Employee.
  • Contractors fill specialist or assistant roles in most departments, and are corporate employees contracted out to SolGov. While they can be NT employees, they don't have to be, and you can individually decide the corporation your employee is working for. Contractors should obey the orders of any crew in their department, as well as orders by heads of staff. If a contractor doesn't have a department, their superior officer is the XO.

If you are Crew, you may want to read the How to Play Sol Gov Guide, which shows you how to Roleplay like a Member of the Military, and the Uniform Guide, which shows you the Uniform you are required to wear, depending on what branch of the Defense Forces your character is part of. You will also want to read the guide for whatever job you are playing as.

If you are a Passenger you will want to read the guide for whatever job you are playing as, and follow the orders of whoever your Immediate Superior may be.


Command & Support

Commanding Officer
Generic Torch CO.png
Difficulty: Very Hard
You're in charge of the Torch, both crew and passengers, you have the final say on everything, but should delegate more than do. Coordinate through your heads. Go down with the ship.
Executive Officer
Difficulty: Hard
Back up the CO, in charge of personnel management, responsible for managing access and IDs, directly in charge of the Service Department and anyone not directly under a department head. Help the CO execute his will. Oversee discipline for the Crew. Keep the officers in line. Be the grumpy dad to the CO's mom.
Head of Security
Difficulty: Very Hard
Lead the security team to victory or death. More likely death. Advise the CO in matters of ship security and safety. Ensure the crew follows Shipboard Regulations and SCG Law.
Chief Engineer
Difficulty: Hard
Lead the engineering crew. Keep the lights on and the engine purring. Make sure everyone can breathe. Advise the CO in the matters of vessel integrity and status. Maintain the lawed synthetics.
Research Director
Difficulty: Hard
Direct supervisor of research and mining, as well as any away missions. Works for NanoTrasen. Tasked with discovering new and valuable things.
Chief Medical Officer
Difficulty: Hard
Lead the people trying to keep everyone alive. Keep the crew healthy, physically and mentally, and most importantly alive. Advise the CO in matters of health.
NanoTrasen Corporate Liaison
Difficulty: Hard
Represent the interests of the Company. Keep the mission focused on the opportunities for research and business. Advise the CO and RD on matters of company policy. Report back to NanoTrasen with progress. Investigate breaches of Corporate Regulations.
SolGov Representative
Difficulty: Hard
Represent the interests of SolGov. Keep the mission focused on the opportunities for diplomacy and discovery. Advise the CO on the SolGov Charter and the Mission. Report back to SolGov with progress. Investigate breaches of the Solgov Charter.
Senior Enlisted Advisor
Difficulty: Hard
Advise the Commanding Officer and Executive Officer, and support the decisions they make with 110% of your being. Maintain good order and discipline, especially uniform and courtesy standards. Act as a link between the officers of the crew and the enlisted members of the crew.
Bridge Officer
Difficulty: Medium
Sit at the bridge, gather information, make it flow to the relevant people.
SolGov Pilot
Difficulty: Easy
Relax in the pilot lounge, fill in for the NT pilot.

Law and Order

Master at Arms
Difficulty: Hard
Patrol the spaceship and apprehend criminals.
Brig Officer
Difficulty: Hard
Maintain the brig and hand out weapons to officers during emergencies.
Forensic Technician
Difficulty: Hard
Investigate crime scenes. Interview suspects. Solve cases.

Maintenance and Supply

Difficulty: Medium
Make sure spaceship is powered, hull breaches are fixed swiftly and there is breathable air for everyone.
Senior Engineer
Difficulty: Hard
Put out the dead engineer on fire at the bottom of a Z level transfer. Manage the engineering crew. Ensure proper operation of the engine and atmospherics. Assist the Chief Engineer in any way necessary.
Maintenance Assistant
Difficulty: Easy
Assist engineers with anything they need. Perform basic repairs on malfunctioning equipment, broken lights, and cracked windows.
Difficulty: Easy
Clean and maintain the spaceship. Replace broken lights. Put up wet floor signs.
Difficulty: Medium
Assist in the resleeving of dead personnel. Provide medical care to augmented and synthetic personnel. Build, Repair, and Maintain the Synthetics aboard the Torch. Build, Repair, and Maintain Exosuits, Hardsuits, and Voidsuits.
Deck Officer
Difficulty: Medium
Order crates and make sure Mining and the Deck Technicians do their jobs.
Deck Technician
Difficulty: Easy
Accept orders, deliver crates and send mail. Listen to your boss.
Supply Assistant
Difficulty: Easy
Assist the Deck Crew with anything they need. Man the Supply desk. Wish you could go in maintenance with the cool kids.


Difficulty: Hard
Manage the medical team, perform surgery, guide trainees and rookies. Heal people and deal with other ailments. Assist the Chief Medical Officer in any capacity required.
Difficulty: Medium
Respond to medical emergencies and calls and assist the physician in healing ailments. Fix people in surgery when you must.
Difficulty: Easy
Keep the crew mentally and spiritually healthy. Has access to the chapel and medbay. Provide funeral services, including burials in space if requested. Probably get killed in your office by a cultist or something.
Difficulty: Medium
Prepare medications for medical, and for anyone with a prescription. Still not research, poor guy.
Difficulty: Medium
Research diseases and discover cures for them.
Medical Contractor
Difficulty: Medium
Assist the Infirmary staff with anything they need. Be a specialist.


Difficulty: Medium
Research phoron, aliens or technology. Go hunting for artifacts. Play with unpredictable anomalies.
Difficulty: Medium
Go on wacky space adventures, and don’t let anyone else join in on the fun. Pick through the ruins of ancient civilizations. Remember you need resources for a mech, frantically go mining. Part of any good away mission.
Research Assistant
Difficulty: Easy
Obey the RD and Research Team. Help the RD and the Research Team with whatever they need. Run and get supplies, clean, be a test subject, and anything else they require.
Security Guard
Difficulty: Hard
Obey the RD and the Research Team, they're the entire reason you're here. Protect the scientists from their own creations. Protect the scientists' creations from the Crew. Keep the Away Teams safe. Covet your Hazard Hardsuit. Make sure your fellow NanoTrasen employees are obeying Corporate Regs, unless the RD says otherwise.
NanoTrasen Pilot
Difficulty: Easy
Fly the Calypso, get the prospectors to their destination and back.


Difficulty: Very Easy
Explore the spaceship and see if anyone needs help with anything. Get in trouble for being places you shouldn't be.
Difficulty: Very Easy
Relax, enjoy the ride. Document the expedition. Work in Hydroponics. Provide some kind of special function.
Difficulty: Easy
Mix and serve drinks. Entertain the crew.
Difficulty: Easy
Cook food for the crew. Prepare lavish feasts.


Job Role Difficulty
Be the spaceship. Serve the crew. Or don't. Extremely Hard
Generic borg.png
Follow your laws and do your job. Medium to Hard
Personal AI
Be someone's constant companion. Act as a translator. Very Easy
Maintenance Drone
Crawl around repairing stuff, cleaning floors and ignoring crew. Very Easy
Serve your new master. Medium
Observe the round. Turn into a mouse or a drone. None
Squeak, crawl through vents and annoy everyone by eating their food. None


Job Role Difficulty
Generic nukesyndie.png
Compromise the Exodus as you look after the financial interests of your powerful employers. Very Hard
Generic cultist.gif
Sing praises to Nar'sie, the Geometer of Blood. Decorate your trophy rack with eyeballs. Sow panic and glorify in the cold darkness of the void as you crush the spaceship in the bowels of the Machine. Very Hard
Be friendly, polite, and have a plan to consume everyone you meet. Revel in paranoia, panic, and terror as you turn good men and women against their loved ones. Walk right into the Armory wearing the Warden's face. Hard
Befuddle the minds of mortal men. Wield terrific arcane power and blow apart the cumulative efforts of the pathetic sciences. Charm gullible young personnel as you pick their pockets. Animate donuts and force them to fight Security for your amusement. Hard
Complete objectives for your employer. Steal the spaceship's paperwork and sell it back to them. Laugh merrily as you mock the crew while stealing the Supermatter Engine under gun point. Hang on tight, the hype train is leaving the station. Hard
Space Ninja
Uphold the ways of Bushido. Walk boldly through forbidden halls, and sever the hands of any man who would dare challenge you. Drink the spaceship's power as surely as steel swallows lightning. Vanish into the shadows and emerge with your blade at their throats. Medium / Hard


Job Role Difficulty
Emergency Response Team
Deal with the Red Alert. Medium / Hard
Turn a Profit. Medium