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List of Colonies
Faction Skrell
System Harr'kelm
Population 343,368,468
Founded 0
Coordinates (LY) 18.1X, -35.4Y
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Skrell first found this planet about the year 2300 on their research flight. They found a smaller planet with developed life. They first tried sending signals towards the planet, but when they got no response, they used their large-scale scanners and surveillance drones to search for any intelligent lifeform activity, like cities or industry. When they found nothing, they decided to colonize the planet, as it resembled Qerrbalak in terms of climatic conditions. The planet consists of 40% ocean, but small lakes are very common, and the planet itself seems nearly as humid as Qerrbalak. Some of the surface consists of swamps and jungles, but most of it is more similar to temperate forests or grasslands, which are more humid, rainy, and generally contain more water.