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The Geometer of Blood, Nar-Sie, has sent a number of her followers to Space Station 13. As a cultist, you have an abundance of cult magics at your disposal, something for all situations. You must work with your brethren to summon an avatar of your eldritch goddess! Cultists have been randomly selected by Nar'sie himself to carry out his will and do his bidding, serve him in whatever way possible. Several cultists will be on the Torch. When you spawn, you'll find an Arcane Tome in your backpack. This is vital to playing a Cultist, as it lets you draw runes.

Playing Cult

As cult, the bread and butter of your abilities are runes. These are drawn on the ground in your own blood, and when activated by a Cultist have powerful magical effects. Your ultimate endgame goal is the Tear Reality rune, which will call forth your dark master to consume the unbelievers of the vessel. You must have an arcane tome in hand to draw runes, and drawing them consumes your blood - so be careful not to draw too many too fast, lest you windup taking a suspicious trip to medical.

Runes are separated into four tiers. You start with the first tier unlocked, and unlock more through spreading defiled ground across the ship using the Defile rune.

You also have access to the Commune ability. Upon using this, you will visibly cut your hand and whisper a message all other cultists can hear. Be careful doing it in public, but it'll be essential for finding your fellow cultists early in the shift and getting a plan together. This should include finding an initial base to defile, setting up teleport runes over the ship so that you can quickly move around, and finding people who might be willing to convert to your cult.

Cult gameplay can be pretty easily divided into three stages - Covert, Suspicious and Open War.


This takes place at the start of the round - the Cult of Nar'Sie is unknown and undetected, with only a few members. You should be focusing on remaining hidden and growing your numbers at this point. Focus primarily on defiling out-of-the-way areas in maintenance, as well as converting those who seem like they'd be willing. Once you have access to Tier 2 runes, you can be more aggressive with your conversions - use stun talismans to kidnap people and drag them to a rune, convert them or use the Offering rune if they refuse.


This stage will begin generally after someone discovers a sign of cult activity - defiled ground, runes, someone cutting themselves. Security will likely begin investigating at this point, and so you will want to be more careful in this phase. Keep your base hidden and fortified, be prepared to perhaps sacrifice a few members to Security for the greater good, and keep conversions and sacrifices discrete. This takes up most of the round. If you already have members of Command or Security converted, now's the time to use them to keep the crew off your trail.

Open War

This is the stage when the Cult has become outright hostile to the crew - known cultists will likely be reported or attacked on sight, and you'll probably want to be preparing for a Security assault on your base. Ideally you should have a large crew of cultists, as acquiring more recruits is difficult at this stage, as well as a few constructs to assist. Hopefully you'll have access to Tear Reality at this point, but if not, sending a few discrete cultists out to continue defiling is a good strategy. Once you have access to the rune, you should call all your cultists home to assist in defending you against the crew while you open the gateway for Nar'Sie.

Your Base

A base is very important to the cult - somewhere secret and out-of-the-way, where you can fortify, convert, sacrifice and eventually call your dark god to the world. It's best to have it somewhere in maintenance that can be easily defended, but is unlikely to be stumbled upon by wandering crewmen. If any of the cult don't have maintenance access, make sure to have someone who does let them in. Your base should have, at the bare minimum:

  • A teleport rune linked to others across the ship
  • A conversion rune for new recruits
  • An offering rune for reluctant recruits
  • Wall runes to block the entrance in the event of attack
  • Confusion runes and potentially EMP runes for large damage to attacking forces


You have access to a lot of runes as a Cultist, and it can be overwhelming. Below are listed all the available runes, as well as their effects, tier and usefulness.

Rune Tier Description Usefulness
Imbue (EMP) 1 When a piece of paper is placed on this rune and activated, the rune will transform it into a single-use EMP talisman.

When you hit someone with this it will create a small localised EMP. However, it will hit you as well, so if you have cybernetic

body parts this rune is probably not for you.


Perfect for taking on any pesky silicons, IPCs or prosthetic-users, but very situational.

Imbue (Stun) 1 As above, except it will create a Stun talisman. When you hit someone with this, it will stun them for roughly 10 seconds. This

allows you to handcuff or tie them up, perfect for conversions or sacrifices. The stun is instant, making it one of the strongest

weapons that the cult has available, especially early in the round.

Insanely High:

Useful against pretty much anything, can win fights before they start

Astral Journey 1 Lets you ghost while still alive, gaining intel on any location while also chatting with the dead. However, your physical

body will take constant burn damage while you're in the astral plane, so be careful not to stay too long.

High: Effectively lets you see what anyone on the

ship is doing at any given time

Convert 1 A self-explanatory rune, the Conversion rune is how you recruit new cultists. Have the recruit stand on the rune and activate it, and they will be given the chance to join the cult. It's important to note that it is their choice however, and you can't forcibly convert them. As such, it's recommended to only convert volunteers

until you have access to runes such as Offering to deal with the non-cooperative heathens.


The only way to get new cultists

Defile 1 One of your other mandatory runes, Defile is how you gain access to new runes and abilities. When activated, it will transform the 3x3 area around it into ominous

defiled floors and walls. When you've defiled enough ground, you'll unlock a new tier of rune. In addition, standing on defiled ground decreases the blood cost of runes.


The only way to unlock

more powerful runes.

Obscure 1 Hides all runes adjacent to it, making them invisible until you use the Reveal rune. Low:

Useful sometimes, like for hiding teleport runes in secure areas, but rather niche

Reveal 1 The reverse of Obscure - reveals hidden runes next to it. Low:

Sometimes useful in tandem with Obscure

for hiding runes

Summon Tome 1 The only rune that doesn't need an Arcane Tome to draw, Summon Tome will give you a new tome. Useful if you got arrested and need to access stronger runes in your prison cell. High:

Very useful in the likely event that one of your members loses a tome, as well as when you recruit new cultists.

Teleport 1 When standing on this rune and activating it, it will teleport you into Nar'Sie's realm, where you can go to any other teleport rune. You can see from them before

you decide to jump there, to make sure an area's safe. However, Nar'Sie's realm is not meant for mortal bodies, and you take burn damage while inside the

Geometer's dimension.

Very High:

Lets you get around the ship and bust out of the brig easily

Wall 1 Creates a wall of red mist at a small blood cost when activated. This wall blocks anything, and can be toggled on and off by a cultist. However, red mist is quite

fragile, and sustained fire will quickly breach it.


Useful for additional fortification in a pinch.

Blood Drain 2 Drains the blood from any humanoid on top and gives it to you. Low:

Can be useful, but is generally extremely situational - if you urgently need blood, the rune will take too long, and if you don't, there are easier ways to recover

EMP 2 Creates a larger EMP burst when activated. Make sure that there are no IPC cultists or cultists with prosthetics in your way when this is activated Moderate:

Can be devastating against a large group with prosthetics or IPCs, but otherwise is fairly situational with a high risk of friendly fire

Mass Defile 2 A juiced-up version of Defile, this rune requires three cultists to activate and will defile a 7x7 region instead. Insanely High:

Lets you defile ground much faster and at less blood cost - you'll probably want to use this over the regular Defile once you have it

Offering 2 This rune requires three cultists to activate, and one unfortunate victim on top of the rune. Ideally they're cuffed, so that they can't simply run off. Once activated, the victim will start taking burn damage, and when they die, their soul will be trapped in a crystalline shard that can be used to create powerful constructs.

So long as they die while the rune is active, it doesn't matter what killed them, so beating or stabbing them to accelerate the process is all good - just be

careful not to break the stone when it spawns.

Insanely High:

Both necessary to get access to Constructs, and a useful way to dispose of those unwilling to join the cult.

Summon Robes 2 When you stand on this rune and activate it, it will replace your jumpsuit, oversuit, shoes, hat and backpack with cult robes, dropping the originals on the ground.

These robes provide some armor, as well as further reducing the blood cost of runes. However, it's important to note that currently this rune doesn't work 100% right - you need to be wearing something in all these slots for the rune to work, so make sure all of these slots have some clothing equipped before activating.


Robes provide a strong buff to your runes, though wearing them will eliminate your chance at being covert for the most part

Blood Boil 3 This rune requires three cultists to activate. When activated, it deals a high amount of burn damage to whoever's standing on top of it. Low:

Pretty useless - there are much easier ways to kill someone if you have them helpless enough to keep them on a rune.

Confuse 3 This rune pretty much works like a flashbang - when activated, it stuns and confuses all non-cultists in a radius around it. High:

The fact that this rune doesn't effect cultists makes it a powerful defensive weapon for your main base.

Revive 3 In theory, this rune is supposed to allow you to revive dead cultists. In practice, however, it is currently non-functional. Completely Useless:

It... doesn't work.

Summon Shell 3 Allows you to build Construct Shells. These take ten sheets of steel to create, and need a filled soul stone - acquired through the Offering rune - to activate.

Constructs are very powerful combat or support allies, and getting a few of them before the endgame is definitely recommended.

Very High:

Constructs are very useful allies.

Summon Blade 3 This rune requires a full robe set to activate. When cast, it will summon a powerful magic sword. The cult blade does nearly 30 brute damage per hit, and can easily

deal with even the toughest enemies.


Cult swords are powerful weapons, and you'll want a few for the endgame.

Tear Reality 4 The Big One. The Endgame. This is the only Tier 4 rune, and the last one you'll unlock. It takes five cultists in full robes to activate, and five minutes to finish casting. As soon as you begin casting it, the location of the rune will be globally announced, meaning you'll want to be well-defended against the oncoming attack to prevent the ritual. Casters cannot move away from the rune or do anything while focusing on the summoning, so you'll want several more cultists or constructs for defense.

After the five minutes are over, sit back, relax, and enjoy the sight of your dark god consuming the ship.


This is what you've been working towards all game. Enjoy it.


Constructs are powerful artificial lifeforms created from a human soul extracted using the Offering rune. There are three types of Construct available to the Cult - the Artificer, the Juggernaut and the Wraith.

Construct shells are created by Artificer constructs, or by placing ten sheets of steel on a Summon Shell rune. All constructs are surrounded by a dark aura, similar to a flashdark, and have both night vision and thermal vision, allowing them to see in the dark and see humans through walls.


This is a support construct, which is fairly weak in combat. It can build various defiled doors, pylons, walls and floors. It can also build construct shells and empty soul stone shards for free, making it generally the first construct that you should build. It's very useful for fortifying your base, as well as for getting more constructs without the use of the Offering rune.


This is a combat construct, the 'tank' of the three. It is slow, but hits hard and can soak up a lot of damage, as well as having the ability to punch through bulkheads. The Juggernaut has a single ability, allowing it to summon a one-tile temporary shield in front of it.


This is another combat construct. Wraiths are fast-moving and deal a lot of damage, though being relatively fragile compared to Juggernauts. They have access to the Phase Shift power, allowing them to temporarily become ethereal and move through walls. In addition, they passively float, allowing them to move up and down z-levels at will and fly through empty tiles (although not through space.) These traits make them excellent flankers, scouts, and assassins, but their very how health pool means they should seek to get the drop whenever possible, as even just a few laser shots can kill them.


As an antagonist, Security is the main threat to your plans - however, Cultists have another role that acts as a counter to them - the Chaplain. The Chaplain possesses the null scepter, an artifact that renders them immune to the effects of runes and talismans - though not to being stabbed in the face with a sword or beaten to death by a Juggernaut. The null scepter can also be used on cultists to strip them of their powers and transform them back into ordinary people, with no memories of the cult. If there's a chaplain active, you may want to consider eliminating them quickly, as they cannot be converted to the cult.


  • Try to recruit at least one member of Command or Security to the cult before you are exposed. This will allow you to have a man on the inside who can inform on decisions, as well as keeping the crew off your trail.
  • Try to recruit Engineering personnel where possible - their access to maintenance and construction skill lets them carve out bases easily, and they can also help by defiling areas in space, such as the solars, the top of the Petrov, or the aft of the Bridge Deck
  • Cultists can tell a rune's name and effects by examining it
  • Whacking a rune with your Arcane Tome will erase it
  • Talismans still work like papers, and can be stacked in folders or on clipboards, where most people will not be suspicious of them
  • Drag paper bins onto you to pick them up - each one contains 30 sheets of paper, which makes 30 talismans.
  • Removing defiled walls and floors will stop them from reducing the blood cost of runes, but will never lower you back down to a previous tier - once you have runes unlocked, they're yours to keep.
  • Sugar-Iron pills are very useful for Cultists, as they can let you replenish blood faster. For these reasons, recruiting a Physician or Laboratory Technician to keep your blood fresh can be a good idea.
  • Don't build your base on a shuttle such as the Petrov, as it can be remotely launched by a Robot.