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Provide religious and spiritual assistance. Perform ceremonies.
Difficulty: Easy
Access: Chaplain's Office
EC branch ranks: Ensign (O-1)
Fleet branch ranks: Sub-Lieutenant (O-2), Ensign (O-1)
Civ branch ranks: Contractor

The Chaplain provides religious and spiritual support to the crew at large. This can include spiritual counseling, worship services, and ceremonies like weddings and funerals. The services your character performs are based on the religion they practice., as well as their own traditions.

The Chaplain answers directly to the Executive Officer.


The Chaplain is responsible for anything involving faith on-board the SEV Torch, and should be prepared to help people practice their faith, as well as keep the Chapel a tidy and welcoming environment for everyone. The Chaplain can talk to people in their office, as well as perform confessions or other services depending on their own faith.

The Chaplain is the authority on religious ceremonies performed on the Torch, and can coordinate with the Commanding Officer to perform funerals, or hold other services like worship, baptisms, or even weddings. The choice is largely in the air and dependent on the character's method of practice.

The Chaplain is also capable of deconverting Cultists and disrupting paranormal phenomena using their null sceptre, a tool that can be found in their locker. The Chaplain can also create holy water using a bible, which can also be used to deconvert Cultists or damage God Cultists. The Chaplain should not use their abilities as an excuse to metagame or attack the cult.