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Baystation 12 Lore
Lore Proposals

This page allows you to submit new lore to Baystation 12. Any user with a Wiki account can make a proposal and request to submit new lore to Baystation 12. To create an account, simply ask an wiki administrator on the discord or through direct messaging. Proposals should follow our lore guidelines and view our procedures below before submitting a new article.

Creating new lore

To create new lore, you need to first draft your proposal. You can do this by visiting the lore creation tutorial.

Visit the lore creation tutorial

Preparing lore for submission

The following may make it easier to be approved:

  1. Create a discussion thread. This will allow non-wiki participants to discuss your lore proposal. (requires a forum account.)
  2. Prepare article(s) for your lore. Use the template links below to create a personal page for you to edit.


Read the Guide to Contributing to the Wiki first!

  • Page: use for general lore such as an organization, event, etc.
  • Colony: use for if you wish to submit a new colony.
  • Document: use if you wish to submit an in-universe reference document (book, poem, song, etc.)


When you are ready to submit, click the button below. Include the title of your lore submission, and include any relevant details about your submission in the edit area. Include links to any pages and forum discussions you have created. In general, try not to make the proposal too long. Use your article page and forum discussion for that.

Be sure to include a subject (title.)

Approved proposals

Once your article has been approved by an administrator, you (or a wiki maintainer) can move any wiki page to a real location. Do not forget to add categories and templates for navigation.

If you have not yet made a Wiki page, you should do so. Wiki editors will not do it for you.

Denied proposals

If your article has been denied, do not be upset. You can always rewrite and try again. Do not submit the same thing twice, this is surefire way to get auto-denied. If you do not plan to work on your lore further, request your sandbox page be deleted by blanking the page and adding [[category:delete]] to your page.



Links to pages:

  • Link 1
  • Link 2

This is my lore proposal, if you view the page links, I think that this would be a good addition to the lore.