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'''This is not yet implemented and is a work in progress.'''
This page details the policy on blocking users and what to do about them.  
This page details the policy on blocking users and what to do about them.  

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This page details the policy on blocking users and what to do about them.

When and why you should block a user

Blocking should always be a last resort. In general, it means the user is currently or is actively doing disruptive edits.

Block reason Description Suggested time
Vandalism Vandalism is anything that involves defacing or being generally destructive. It is usually obvious. Indefinite
Disruptive editing Edits that are of poor quality and the author has shown no attempts or progress at improving. These are some of the possible signs of disruptive editing:
  • Consistent poor grammar and styling.
  • Consistently unable to follow general wiki guidelines or make the attempt to understand them.
  • Not collaborating with other editors.
  • Generally being a nuisance.
  • Is tendentious - continues editing an article or group of articles in pursuit of a certain point for an extended time despite opposition from other editors. Tendentious editing does not consist only of adding material; some tendentious editors engage in disruptive deletions as well.
  • Disruptive tagging, tagging articles with bad tags despite community approval.
  • Rejecting or ignoring community input.
  • Driving away productive contributors.
  • Point-illustrating.

Disruptive editing is not always intentional. You should always assume good faith. However, it can reach a point where it is obvious that an editor may not be contributing correctly, does not "fit in" with other editors and ultimately causes more harm then good. You should always give editors a chance to redeem themselves. Do not attempt to prove new editors are doing disruptive editing, ignorance of the manual of style does excuse this behavior. Inform them of wrong-doing and teach them how to edit the Wiki.

Case-by-case. You should talk to the editor first. Typically starts with 24 hours and escalates.
Edit Warring Edit warring can happen when two editors disagree. In general, you should give both editors time to cool-off. If the edit warring is consistent, it may constitute disruptive editing. 24-hours

Banned users on Baystation 12

The Wiki is connected to Baystation 12. As such, we may carry over certain types of bans:

Ban type Y/N Description
Job-ban No We do not carry over any types of job-bans to the wiki as they are usually irrelevant.
Temporary ban No Grey area. Admins should refrain from allowing them to make accounts. Usually, we do not block for this.
Communication ban Yes Discord or forums, we also block on the Wiki for the same duration.
Ban until appeal Yes Bans until appeal, regardless of location, also apply retroactively to the Wiki.
Ban w/o appeal Yes This is considered a community-wide ban, and we block indefinitely here.

Unblocking a user

Users can request an unblock through the appeals section of the forums, like a normal unban request. The blocking wiki-staff manager should handle this.