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List of Colonies
Avalon dude.png
Example of Noble attire from Avalon.
Faction Independent
System Klaudof
Population 60,000,000
Founded Early 2300s
Coordinates (LY) 18.9X, -15.3Y

As of the early 2560’s, the Star Kingdom of Avalon, led by Star King Arthur VII of House Pendragon, is a socially and technologically regressive nation inhabiting a single agricultural planet with increasing social and political tension due to outside contact with the Sol Central Government. Trade agreements with SolGov keep the small nation afloat. Riots and rebellions are increasingly common while peasants and nobles alike strive to escape the restrictive planet.


During the original wave of colonization following the human development of Bluespace drive technology, many colony ships were lost or drifted far off course. The Independent Colony Ship Avalon was one of these. Following unknown technical issues the ship crashed on Klaudof III and the primary backer, Jeffrey Smallwaters, proclaimed Kingship and took up the name of Star King Arthur Pendragon the First and, with the help of the ship’s surviving Security forces, established an oligarchic nobility to rule the generation ship’s massively overpopulated expansion. Modern SCG scholars speculate some form of mass hysteria and/or religious resurgence led to this tradition, though no conclusive evidence has yet been found.

Due to the Kingdom’s technologically restrictive policies, little record beyond speculation and a first-hand account is available until contact was made with the Sol Central Government in 2513, part of the early colonial tensions leading to the Gaia Conflict. While peasant rebellions had previously been a severe issue, following first contact major rebellions became widespread with both sides implementing off-world technology, either legitimately imported or smuggled. As of the writing of this document, no rebellion has been successful in the long term.


Humans are the near-exclusive sapient species present, with the total number of aliens on the world likely numbering below 1,000. These are predominantly Dionaea, many of which are publicly revered within native pseudo-Pagan circles. Human ethnicity is predominantly a mix of Western European, Indian and South African descent; while generations of ethnic mixing has largely rendered Earth ethnic differences obsolete, noticeable racial differences have developed between mainland and archipelago dwellers. The native religious makeup of the planet is entirely pseudo-Pagan with numerous localised variations occurring across the population. One especially widespread belief is that both written fiction and poetry are a strong taboo, though it is acceptable to document non-fictional accounts, musical notation, theatrical transcripts and census data. SCG sociologists believe this to contribute to the culture's rich oral history. The common rumor states that the more esoteric circles engage in human sacrifices in addition to the more widely practiced animal offerings.

Following contact with the SCG in 2513, the liberal social ethos of Sol has been subtly influencing the ethics of the younger generations, especially the more well-connected young nobility, but is heavily frowned upon by the highly traditional Kingdom’s establishment. The glimpse of freedom offered by off-world visitors has led many peasants to attempt to buy passage off the planet, through a combination of legitimate migration and, more commonly, through human smuggling rings, especially through Human space's most infamous criminal system, Nyx.


Avalon is a highly fertile agricultural held back by both the government’s technologically restrictive policies and the largely archipelagic geography of the world’s landmasses, making any large-scale industrial agriculture nigh impossible in the near future. Exports from the world are largely done directly through the Royal Trade Ministry, whose Noble overseer reports directly to the King Himself. These exports mainly consist of agricultural produce from land-holding Nobles’ farms, especially a widely-bred breed of rats (colloquially known as Entiscu Ræt, or Giant Rat) with a growth average between the size of a German shepherd to a small horse. Imports are almost entirely technological in nature, such as advanced medicines for Nobles’ personal use, weaponry used in the suppression of revolt and luxuries for the nobility.

In terms of education, Avalon is far below the galactic poverty line, with standard schooling available only to wealthy Nobles at rare Royal Colleges. The main source of education for commoners is through informal communal tutelage, especially through religious circles. The high agricultural viability of the planet is due to a combination of unique breathable atmospheric conditions causing greatly enhanced fertility in Earth-like fauna and flora, a less evolved native biosphere leading to rapid out-competition of wildlife from the original generation ship and the archipelago land formations that dot the habitable parts of the planet, providing simple, easily accessible irrigation with the low salt content of the planet’s sea.