Antique laser gun

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Antique laser gun
Caplaser 0.png
Usages A laser gun that is still operational, but used for display purposes.
Description A rare weapon, handcrafted by a now defunct specialty manufacturer on Luna for a small fortune. It's certainly aged well.
Force 0
Active damage
System data
Path /obj/item/weapon/gun/energy/captain
Name antique laser gun
Icon Path icons/obj/gun.dmi
Icon State caplaser100
Last System Data Access


Flavor Text "This is an energy weapon. To fire the weapon, ensure your intent is *not* set to 'help', have your gun mode set to 'fire', then click where you want to fire. Most energy weapons can fire through windows harmlessly. Unlike most weapons, this weapon recharges itself."
Antagonist Text null
The Captains Office
The Antique laser gun is located at the bottom-center of the room, in the glass case.

The Antique laser gun is a gun - energy type weapon. It has the unique property of being able to recharge itself over time; one of the only weapons capable of doing so. It is located within the Captains Office and is enclosed in a glass case. In order to take it, the glass case must be broken.