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List of Colonies
Yuklid V from orbit, 2530
Faction Sol Central Government
System Yuklid
Population 18,541,593
Coordinates (LY) -32.1X, -26.3Y

Yuklid V is the fith planet in the Yuklid System, which lies just under 40 light years from Sol. Yuklid V is a large, humid sub-tropical planet, with icy polar caps and dense jungle between. Yuklid is home to the outer rim's largest medical facilities, and serves as home to this region of space's medical academia. It's largest city is Iyeegi, which is located in the northern hemisphere of the planet. While the vast majority is the planet is composed of jungle, the planet is also home to a vast mountain range, as well as numerous swamplands.

The planet's primary export are medicines, both natural, and created. Two-hundred years of infrastructure has allowed the planet's population to grow rapidly, spread through towns and cities across the planet's surface.

It is on Yuklid that many millions of people come to seek treatment for a variety of medical conditions. Corporate-owned hospitals are common on Yuklid.


Yuklid was colonised in the late 2300s by seeder ships from Sol along with several other planets in outer regions of colonised space. In just under 50 years, Yuklid had united into a constitutional republic and established ties with other colonial states. The planet enjoyed relative peace and prosperity in its early years, leading it to become a founding member of a unified republic state known as the 'Lordanian Republic'.

In 2444, small-scale civil unrest stemming from a political dispute between Yuklid's Federal Republic and the Lordanian Supreme Court leads to the overpopulation of Yuklid's relatively small police force. The Lordanian Republic along with Sol Central Government, decide to found a Penal Colony on nearby Tersten. Many Yuklidians were sent to the planet.

26th Century

The Formation of the People's Republic of Lordania affected Yuklid very slightly, as its relative closeness to other systems, and its medicinal industry granted the system a great deal of protection and influence. In fact, it was only after the collapse of the PRL that Yuklid was threatened.

A dependency on importation meant that Yuklid suffered heavily under the absence of larger government, being forced to make concessions and unfavourable deals to remain fed. Yuklid directly petitioned to Sol Central for refuge and aid, leading to the larger involvement of the SCG, and to the creation of a Second Lordanian Republic, that would represent Yuklid and other planets on the larger Interstellar Assembly stage. In 2535, Yuklid was chosen by Sol Central to be the meeting point of the First Senate of the Second Lordanian Republic.

By 2540, Yuklid had reached a population of just under fifteen million. The Senate had not counted for such a rapid population growth in just under one hundred years, and so began sending Yuklid colonists into unknown regions of space, which lead to colonisation efforts on Mjolnir, Piscium, and Pollux. However, it is unlikely these colonies will flourish any time soon.


Yuklid V is a hothouse jungle world, having existed in it's current state for about 300 million years. It is much smaller than the Earth, at only 0.6 Earth masses. It is a planet of dense swampland and thick jungle, separated by bodies of water that around the equator, can reach temperatures of 30 degrees C. Despite harsh conditions, this has not deterred hardy colonists, who have cleared roughly 5% of the planet for urban development.

The largest human settlements are built closer to the poles, where temperatures cool enough to give way to temperate, workable forests.

Only 48% of the planet has been explored, with the thick and heavy jungle proving a difficult terrain to manage.

Flora and fauna

Yuklid V's tropical environment is a paradise for countless plant-life that lives on the surface and underground. The majority of trees on the planet are thick and extremely resistant to most forms of damage, making them extremely costly to remove. The planet's soil is rich in nutrients, which has allowed for two hundred years of human cultivation. Yuklid rightly has a reputation for being a botanist's paradise. Most medicinal plants grown outside of a lab are grown freely across the planet.

Yuklid's animal life is undergoing it's equivalent late-Mesozoic period, with large reptiles and birds being found in every biome on the planet. Closer to the temperate poles however, the biosphere has seen a significant setback in the form of the introduction of non-native animal life, typically brought by human settlers.


The planet is hot all year round, with wet seasons every eight Earth months. While the planet's atmosphere is still slowly heating, the planet is expected to undergo a natural glacial cycle within the next hundred thousand years. Scientists predict that Yuklid may one day become extremely Earth-like.


Yuklid's economy is predominantly based around its healthcare system. The planet's ability to grow nearly any kind of terrestrial plant has allowed a considerable cultivation industry to grow around the planet's southern lakes. Large quantities of medicines in Sol space can place their origins to Yuklid. In addition, multitudes of companies maintain hospitals and treatment centers on the planet. The largest of this being Vey-Med Operational Headquarters, one of the corporation's largest assets.


As much of Yuklid is uncolonized jungle, the majority of civilization is located around the poles. The Capital City, Iyeegi, is located in the southern regions of the planet, where much of the Jungle has been cut away for urban development. Iyeegi is the largest settlement on the planet.

Central Yuklid is home to the occasional outpost and settlement. Vast numbers of towns simply go unknown due to their restrictiveness and positioning. This is not to say the entire region is unexplored, as five intercontinental highways run around the entirety of the planet.


Most Yuklidians are happy to get through the day. The culture of those from South or Northern Yuklid would entirely depend on their city of origin.

More recently, a large spiritualist movement has taken root on the planet, encouraging a 'one-ness' with nature, and advocating that man must do all they can to help others. The planet's massive medical industry has started to see more and more of these spiritualists employed within the industry, as a hardm dedicated workforce is typically hard to come by.

Law and government

Yuklid is a Constitutional One-World Republic known simply as the "Republic of Yuklid", based out of Iyeegi. It's current President is Sarah Jonestown, who represents the Yuklid Federation Party. Yuklid is a founding planet of the Second Lordanian Republic, a larger superstate that constitutes five other nearby planets, and serves as a satellite state for the larger Sol Central Government.

Under Sol, Yuklid continues its trend of simply existing, seeing new immigrants and visitors to the planet, thanks to Sol investment.


While Yuklid has no personal navy, it contributes 35% of it's national budget to the maintenance and upkeep of the Second Lordanian Republic's Defence Fleet. In addition, Yuklid is home to a Sol Central Government Expeditionary Corps recruitment center and research facility. While Yuklid maintains its own National Guard, much of these servicemen use the Guard as an entry and training into the Sol Defence Forces.