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Type: Confederation Sympathiser

  • Only play one Character
  • Be solely responsible for Terran characters existing
  • Only code features when they benefit your snowflakes

Approximate Difficulty: Yes

Who Is Me?

Me is ZeroBits. I'm a retired staff member and a contributor to both the lore as well as the code. But more importantly, I'm extra cool.

My Personal Pages:

These are just my own personal sandbox pages, and things I maintain that don't have much to do with the wiki as a whole.

Rule Guidelines

Pages I Work on:

While I sometimes update other pages after I do code things, when other people change lore, to do a bit of cleanup, or whenever else it's needed; I primarily focus on the following pages, and I'll shank you if you mess them up:

Terran Colonial Confederation: Re-wrote the entire thing, do regular maintenance.
All the references on the TCC page: Made to test out references as well as documents. Do regular maintenance.
Rules: Re-wrote the rules, glare at people trying to add/change the rules until they read my guide.
Earth/sandbox: Currently re-writing Earth/Luna lore to make it consistent with current lore elsewhere.