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Shuttle Pilot
Take Charon to the fiery death planets. Stay behind on the shuttle and miss all the fun (and dying).
Difficulty: Medium
Access: Hangar
Related guides: Standard Operating Procedure, Guide to Ships
EC branch ranks: Chief Explorer(E-7)
Fleet branch ranks: Chief Petty Officer(E-7), Petty Officer First Class(E-6)
Civ branch ranks: Contractor

The Shuttle Pilot, often simply referred to as the Pilot, is the dedicated pilot for any away missions. They are primarily tasked with flying Exploration in the Charon around the sector. The Shuttle Pilot is not an Explorer and usually does not see action outside of the Charon.

The Shuttle Pilot answers to the Pathfinder.

Playing the Shuttle Pilot

The red pump is the main fuel pump. If this is not on, the main engines won't work. The blue pump is for refilling the fuel storage tank from the canister next to it.

The Shuttle Pilot is considered a medium-level difficulty job, requiring knowledge in piloting (including having a high level of it in your character's skills) and a basic understanding of the away mission aspects of the Standard Operating Procedure. Recommended skills also include atmospherics, electrical engineering, and construction for when the ship is damaged while away from the Torch.

The Pilot's Lounge, often referred to as their office, is located on the fifth deck, just next to the stairwell. Inside is the Shuttle Pilot's locker, which contains all the usual gear for any pilot. It is recommended that you also take the pilot's voidsuit, in the Exploration Voidsuit Storage, in case there are atmospheric issues, or you need to exit the ship. Be sure to fill your oxygen tank to maximum capacity using the oxygen canister, 1013kPa, as it spawns with only 607kPa.

In a good shift, you will have a Pathfinder to lead the mission and will just have to fulfill your required duties. However, there will be situations in which the Pathfinder is either incapacitated, or is simply nonexistent. In this case, you will usually (unless Command appoints someone else) be in charge of the Exploration department. Depending on the situation, primarily how many explorers are available, you may or may not be required to perform explorer duties. If you are not used to being in a position of command, or decision-making, it is recommended you either stick to your gut when it comes to making decisions, or adminhelp if you are truly uncomfortable.

Directions and Bearings


One of the most basic, but useful, skills to have is knowing ship directions. Here is the quick rundown.

  • Fore - in the front of the ship.
  • Starboard - on the right side of the ship.
  • Port - on the left side of the ship
  • Aft - behind the ship

All of these are based on if you were facing towards the engines of the ship while standing behind it.


Another useful skill to have is to know how to determine directions from bearings. Here is a list of the different ranges of bearings and what directions they mean.

  • 0 or 360 degrees North
  • 0-45 degrees - North-northeast
  • 45-90 degrees - Northeast-east
  • 90 degrees - East.
  • 90-135 degrees - Southeast-east
  • 135-180 degrees - South-southeast
  • 180 degrees - South
  • 180-225 degrees - South-southwest
  • 225-270 degrees - Southwest-west
  • 270 degrees - West
  • 270-315 - Northwest-west
  • 315-360 - North-northwest