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Difficulty Very Hard
Duties Arrive on time.
Access N/A

NB: This is a work in progress. Anything written here may be temporary, out of date, or incorrect.


Wizards are unique individuals who have access to powers that defy scientific principles. To the average person a wizard is a fictional character, often best known to them through entertainment like books, movies, and games.

However, far out in the uncharted reaches of space, in the secret laboratories of corporations or the criminal underworld, or even through chance contact with the strange and unexpected, real magic is sometimes born.

I Am Not The Wizard

Other wizards and cultists may have full knowledge of wizards through their shared knowledge of the occult and arcane.

Other antagonists may be aware that illegal experiments and random chance have created people with powers, but have no specific knowledge of those powers or the people that have them.

Other special roles and the crew are not aware of wizards or their powers.

I Am The Wizard

As a wizard you have many options for how you play your round.