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Does Roleplay reset between rounds?

Yes and no. The rule is as follows:

19.1 It is acceptable to carry over relationships with other characters unless it includes antagonists or anything an antagonist has done. players may opt-out of having something in particular carried over in which case they should adminhelp.

To put it short, only if you want it too. However, large-scale events, such as the ship exploding, obviously did not happen.

Is there a map?

Yes. It's available on the main page - just click a floor and then click the image for an expanded version.

How long do the rounds last?

Typically 1-3 hours. It depends on the round type.

How do I deal with antagonists?

You are roleplaying a character - if you saw a guy with a gun or doing something mischevious, what would you do in real life? Forget you are in a video game and either A: call security or B: run away!