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Creating your first character

To create your first character, you have free reign on your looks, gender, age etc. However - for your first role, it is suggested to use the following settings:

  • Roles - None on all. This will prevent you from getting an antagonist role for any reason. These are very difficult roles to play.
  • Branch of service/rank - Set to "civlian." This allows you to select the "passenger" role.
  • Occupation - Passenger. This makes it so you have the role with the least responsibilities on the ship.

The first round

It's impossible to know what will currently be happening in the first round you play. It may be very chaotic - your best chance is to play your first round when the round resets. The round resets after around 2-3 hours from when it starts, just sit and wait until everybody is pushed back into the lobby.

The cryogenic storage room.

When you first spawn, you will be placed in the Cryogenic Storage room. There are two of these rooms and you are randomly placed into either of them.


You may have noticed the small burger on the right side of your screen. This is your current hunger level. Keeping some snacks handy in your backpack will keep it up. The more hungry you are, the slower you get. Find a vending machine - they are located almost everywhere on the ship. Just be careful not to go anywhere your not supposed too. Once you have found a vending machine that dispenses food, use some of the cash to buy any snacks you wish. To eat them, simply open the container if necessary by clicking on the item while it is in your hand, then clicking on yourself.

Whats going on?

There are many things do on the ship, however, as a passenger, you are not expected to do anything. Keeping that in mind, there are a few fundamentals of the average Baystation 12 round -

  • All players are assigned a job - your job is to be a passenger. You have no duties.
  • Some players are given a special assignment of becoming an antagonist. An antagonists job is to keep the round interesting by committing a crime or other gimmicks.

The SEV Torch is an exploration vessel designed to explore the far reaches of outer space. The crew's job is to keep the ship running and deal with any encounters it may have. This can involve anything from exploring another planet to dealing with rowdy wizards.

Not dying

Odds are you may encounter a hazard at some point. You need to make sure you don't die. Generally, if it looks dangerous, it probably is, and you should stay away. Things to look out for:

  • Strange men with guns
  • Airlocks to space
  • Hazard markings
  • Fire alarms

If you ever find yourself dying, find an emergency locker. They are located everywhere - they might save your life!

Finding something to do

There are lots of things to do while on the ship - here are some suggestions to help get you situated with the controls.

  • Explore the ship
  • Going to the cafeteria and ordering some food
  • Starting a garden in hydroponics
  • Asking if anybody needs some help

Ending the round

Once you have sufficiently learned the controls and begun to understand the fundamentals of the game, congratulations! You are probably ready for a real job. The round will either end by itself, or if you need to leave, you can go back to the cryogenic storage room, right-click one of the pods and enter it. This will take your character out of the game without disturbing it for everybody else.

Warning: Killing yourself, harming yourself during the round is against the rules! Remember you must be roleplaying a character at all times. Similarly, breaking rules after the round has ended is against the rules!

Once you have successfully ended the round (hopefully without dying,) you can now proceed to try out one of the jobs with a bit more responsibility. If you're still feeling like you don't understand the game, spectate more and use deadchat to ask questions. Read the lore and be sure to use the discord server to ask any further questions.

Choosing a job

Here are some job suggestions for the next time you play:

  • Janitor - This job has a very simple task to do - clean the ship! Learn the tools of the trade and maybe make a few friends as well. Respond to the radio for cleanup duty.
  • Cook - Learn to cook and give people some food. Everybody loves food!
  • X Assistant - There are plenty of assistant jobs. If you want to learn more about a role, this is a perfect way to learn through in-game. Simply present yourself to a superior officer that you are a newbie who needs training, you'll learn fastest this way.

You should avoid these jobs:

  • Anything engineering. This generally requires an intermediate knowledge of the game before even starting to comprehend it.
  • Anything medical. Baystation 12 is known for its complex medical system. You'll definitely want to make sure you understand the game before even attempting this.
  • Anything command. Command roles require intermediate knowledge of the game and require you talking with other people - a lot. It's recommended only for experienced roleplayers.
  • Antagonist roles. Antagonist roles are easily the most difficult in the game - you need to make the game fun for everybody purely using your knowledge of the game. It's not recommended to do an antagonist role until you have an advanced understanding.

Congratulations! You have completed the Guide for New Players! If you are still lost, or need more help, ask on the discord or in dead-chat of the game.

If you have a question, it may have already been answered on the FAQ section of this guide.

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