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Basic controls

The controls within Baystation 12 are fairly basic. You have movement and your mouse. For a complete list of controls, you can visit the controls page.

You press You get
Arrow keys for movement


Click on objects to interact, includes any machine or large object.

Left click


Right click on objects to get additional details or preform additional actions.

Right click




Equipping and selecting items

Swapping hands to pick items up using the mouse click.
Equipping items manually.

When you pick up an item, it goes into your hands³. The highlighted area indicates the currently selected hand (either Right or Left.) When you "pick up" an object, it goes into this hand. By clicking swap you swap the currently selected hand.

To equip an item, either use the E button beside the swap button³. You can also click on any of the available inventory spaces. You can similarly take items off by clicking on them. For objects that are containers, such as a Backpack.pngbackpack, you can click and drag it to your hand. Some items can only fit in certain slots, for example, only an ID card can fit in the "ID card" slot.

You can interact with virtually any item or object in the game. Some act very different from others, and may not respond the same way other objects do. Try them out and experiment.

To use an item in your hand, simply have it in hand and use it on another object!

Warning: Do not click on other players! This may attack them if you have an object in hand.

Other slots

  • Pressing on the first icon¹ you can open your clothing slots.
  • The four icons² are accessories.
  • The fourth section4 are your pockets, you can only fit small items in those.
  • The final section5, starting from the top, left to right
    • Fire mode - while you have a firearm, this will select whether you aim first or automatically fire when you click the mouse button.
    • Resist - while you are being restrained, allows you to attempt to resist.
    • Drop - Drops the item currently in hand.
    • Throw - On the next click, throws the item to the cursor.
    • Run or walk - Toggle between running or walking.
    • Intent - Toggles your current intent. See User Interface.
    • Target area - Selects your current target when you interact with a person.

You can view what the status symbols and other elements of the UI mean in the User Interface article.

Byond Interface

To the right side of the screen, you have the BYOND interface. These are buttons that deal with input commands. Most of them are not necessary to you at the moment - you can mouse over them for a tooltip. All commands can be inputted in the red/white bar at the bottom of the screen.

  • Say " " - The "say" command allows you to speak. Anything between the quotes will be said by your character.
  • Pull - The "pull" command allows you to pull an object. It can also be activated by right-clicking an object.
  • Move to top - Moves an object to the top of a pile, if there is one. You can also right-click a pile.
  • Examine - Displays in the text box a description of the object. You can also right-click an object to examine it.

The text box

The text box is where all incoming information is placed. This includes interactions, tips, talking, etc. It is located at the bottom right corner of the page.

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