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S.A.B.R., or Sol Advanced Battle Robots, is a division of the Sol Central Government's Fifth Fleet. The division acts as an experimental synthetic operations group consisting of several teams of specially designed combat robots, each lead by a Fifth Fleet handler. The exact composition and primary purpose of each S.A.B.R. team varies. S.A.B.R. division was founded in 2301 by the current division commander, Rear Admiral Gerald Hart, and currently consists of several active teams. All S.A.B.R. robots are Generation 3 positronics, slaved to the standard SCG militarized lawset.

The most notable and well-known S.A.B.R. team is Team 1, which operates as a parade, demonstration, and display of the S.A.B.R. Division's progress and capabilities. The remaining S.A.B.R. teams act as QRF deployment forces, security teams at high-security facilities, and, in the case of Team 6 and Team 7, forward scouting parties. S.A.B.R. teams 3 and 7 were both lost during deep-space operations in 2304, though no remains were ever recovered. The robots and handlers for both teams have been declared MIA, presumed KIA. These teams have not been replaced.

The typical S.A.B.R. team structure consists of a Fifth Fleet handler that commands the unit, a 'command robot' that acts as the tactical leader for the team, and a number of other robots to fill out the team - Typically totalling in number from 3 to 5 units. S.A.B.R. robots are notable for their deep navy-blue paint jobs coupled with yellow and blue lights, as well as the Fifth Fleet insignia, S.A.B.R. markings, and serial numbers etched into their chassis. The command robot for each team is distinct by the additional gold markings along its chassis.