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List of Colonies
The Republic of Tersten
Faction Sol Central Government
System Gavil
Population 972,989,756

88.7% Native Terstener

11.3% Non-Tersten Population
Coordinates (LY) -33.3 (in LY)X, -30.3 (in LY)Y

Tersten, the fourth planet of the Gavil System, which is located just under 50 light years from Sol, is an occupied plains world located in the Lordanian Cluster, a small grouping of ten occupied stars with closely tied political systems. The planets was named after Jonathan Tersten a few years after his death. It was historically known as Pinascimate, which was the planet's name during penal occupation. The planet is still known as Moore's World by several cultures, mostly contained to the north and west of Tersten. While it's inhabitants are known as Terstener, there are many cultures and ethnicities that developed on the planet. It's current President is Robert Mackenzie‌. The Capital City is Tersten City which is located in the northern regions of the planet, in the geographical area known as Calian. Tersten is roughly divided into the northern hemisphere, which contains many mountains, forests, plains, steppes, and taiga forests; the Sahamptha, a band of extreme desert and desert shrublands that encompasses much of the planet's equator; and the southern hemisphere, which contains many cold deserts, swamplands, and mountainous regions. Tersten is the 5th largest inhabited planet in the outer regions, with a radius of 8681 kilometres (1.36 Earths).

The Republic of Tersten‌ is a member of the Second Lordanian Republic, a semi-autonomous region within the Sol Central Government. Both Tersten and Sol enjoy warm, friendly relations, and Tersten bases several detachments of the Sol Defence Forces. A major producer of heavy materials, oil, and agricultural products, Tersten fills many economic needs of the outer reaches of human space, prioritising raw materials and food production. Tersten City and Nevada serve as Tersten's primary economic sites, with nearly two-thirds of Tersteners living within their metropolitan areas. The Tersten people are culturally unique, having developed as a response to penal injustice and harsh living. While it is no longer the case for all Tersteners, they have a reputation as a rough, rowdy frontiers-people with strongly held beliefs and family structures.

Gavil System

Gavil is a G-Type Main Sequence Star, with similarities to the Sol System‌. There are seven planets in the system; Marduk, an iron-dense planetoid, suspected to be the remnants of the core of a gas giant; Ki, a barren super-earth with many fledgling mining colonies; Anoxia, a gaseous, methane rich world; Tersten, an occupied plains world; Ninazu, a Neptune-sized gas giant with many moons; Ninshubur, an Ice Giant at the outer edges of Gavil's asteroid belt; and Carc, another neptune-sized ice body located at the very edge of the Gavil system and responsible for the unusual orbits of dwarf bodies in the system.

Along with its planets, Gavil is also several space stations and automated facilities, largely in the hands of private corporations rather than any major governmental ventures.


View of the Tersten City Starport

Tersten is a geographically diverse planet, harbouring many ecological regions including Plains, Forests, Deserts, Oceans, Mountains and Steppes. Tersten has four primary mountain ranges: the Pinascimate Mountains, the Pearlstone Mountains, the Yukela Mountains, and the Greenlime Mountains. The Pearlstone mountains lie to the west of Nevada, stretching to the eastern borders of South Harelstone, while the Yukela mountains snake westwards to the edge of the White Ocean, just south of the dustbowler city of Harmony. The Greenlime Mountains lie to the west of major logging city Moore.

Unlike continental worlds, Tersten's continents are largely combined to form an entirely landlocked planet, and it is entirely possible to walk across the planet in a complete circle. The planet is divided into ten large continental regions, divided along both geographic and tectonic boundaries.


The Glass Prairie

The name Tersten comes from the founder of Tersten, Jonathan Tersten. Lordanian settlers suggested the name following Tersten's death attempting to defuse a situation on the (at the time) colony. During treaty negotiations with the federal government of Lordania regarding the assigned name of Pinascimate, in which the Lordanian Government envisioned a penal state controlled by the Lordanian Superintendent of Rehabilitation.

Flora and fauna

Priceless Peak, located in North-Central Tersten

orests cover 24 percent of Tersten and prairie grasslands composed of shortgrass, mixed-grass, and tallgrass, harbor expansive ecosystems in the planet's central and western portions, although cropland has largely replaced native grasses. Where rainfall is sparse in the western regions of the planet, shortgrass prairie and shrublands are the most prominent ecosystems, though forests grow near rivers and creek beds in the far western reaches of the regions.

Marshlands, deciduous forests dominate the planet's southeastern quarter, while mixtures of forests cover northwestern Tersten.

The planets holds populations of animals, both native and introduced. In prairie ecosystems, bison, chickens, badgers, and armadillo are common, having been introduced by the Lordanian Government during the early colonisation. The Tersten Territory, a region transitioning from prairie to woodlands in Central Tersten, harbors 671 vertebrate species. The Pearlstone Mountains are home to black bear, red fox, and grey fox populations, which coexist with a total of 328 native species in southeastern Tersten.

The most known of all native animals is the Yukelan Brown Bear. Though it is technically not a member of the Ursidae family, it possesses similar features -Plantigrade, Mammalian features, and fur- to be mistaken as such by the general public. The Yukelan Brown Bear is known for its size, slightly bigger than the average grizzly, with an extremely long tongue much like a sun bear. It is omnivorous with a preference for berries, ants, and insects. While protective of its young and territorial, these bears do not consider humans a threat, and have been known to rarely approach humans for assistance and pettings, displaying a level of intelligence on the level of dogs.


Tersten's climate is mostly mild, with humid continental climate to the north, semi-arid climate to the west, and humid subtropical climate in the central, south and eastern portions of the planet. While Tersten has icy poles, they are entirely landlocked. Tersten does not experience seasons, and has a consistent temperature throughout its year.


North Tersten

Calian is a large continent in Northern Tersten, containing mostly flat, arable land. It is bordered to the south by Medilama, Nevada, and Sahamptha along the Pinascimate Mountains. To the west it is bordered by Mora along the Samuel Moore Rift Valley, a geographic trench denoting the continental boundary between the two regions. At it's eastern edge, Calian is bordered by Suzzara and Saralost. Calian is the most urbanised region on Tersten, containing Tersten City and the remains of the Harelstone Prison.

The Pinascimate Mountains run along the border of Tersten City and White Ocean, protecting the Capital from desert winds, while also bringing rainwater from the ocean. Priceless Peak, Tersten's tallest climbable mountain and national park, lies in this region.

Mora is a large region located in North-West Tersten. Its easternmost border is the Samuel Moore Rift Valley, with the city of Carver being the most populated city within the valley itself. Much of Mora is temperate forests, and home to Tersten's logging industry. The city of Moore is located in the center of Mora, around the Genesis Lake. Its southwestern edge is made up by the vast Greenlime Mountains, leading into the vast Vallian region. The Samaritan Sea makes up Mora's south border, with the Tersten Pass leading into the Lawless Frontier. This entire region contains Moore County, which is comprised of both Mora and Vallian.

Vallian is a vast, dry coulee, bounded on the north by the Great North Tersten Mountains, and to the south by the mighty Greenlime Mountains. Its eastern border is a sharp boundary between lush forests, into dry hillsides, and then barren steppe. The only green parts of Grand Vallian are depressions in the land deep enough to reach groundwater. It is in this region, specifically on the boundary between Vallian and the Great North Terstens, that the city of Coolridge is settled. Beyond that, in the western edges of Vallian, the deserts give way to the fertile Shank Valley, with soils deeply rich in nutrients. Vallian is part of the greater Moore County, which controls a large part of north Tersten.

Calama is a small continent/region in north west-central Tersten. The Calama Steppe is a small microregion, with the Hassossabbi River flowing through it. Its most diverse region is the Hassossabbi Delta, a lowland swamp and wetland. Its largest city, Delta, is located here. The entire Calama Steppe is controlled by the Calama Oblast. It is bordered by Saralost and Suzzara to the north, Vallian to the west, Sahamptha to the south, and the White Ocean to the east. It is geographically diverse, with steppes and mountains in the east, and low-lying deltas and marshlands to the west.

Saralost is a large marshy region located at the northern edge of the White Ocean. Numerous large lakes break up the marshy land, with the city of Loving serving as the capital of the Saralost County. Much of the land is inhospitable, with settlements developing where they can. It is bordered by Suzzara to the north and east, Calama to the south-east, and Calian to the west.

Suzzara is a geographical region in north-east Tersten. It is comprised of dense broadleaf forests around its heartland, and mountainous taiga to its north and north-east. The region is under the administration of the Suzzara Oblast, with its capital located in Rovena. It has control of much of Jacob's Lake, the large freshwater body located in its geographic south. It is bordered by Saralost to the south-west, Calama to the south, Calian to the west, and Vallian to the east.

Central Tersten

Sahamptha is a large continent that runs across much of central Tersten. It contains the Sahamptha Desert, which gives the area its name. The Lawless Frontier is located along the Sahamptha's northern edge, bordering Mora along the Greenlime Mountains. Where Mora, Sahamptha and Calian meet, a large freshwater sea known as the Samaritan Sea has become a source of water for much of the desert. The Sahamptha Desert is divided into three major geographical regions, the Western Sahamptha, the Mesa Lawless, and the Eastern Sahamptha. The Lawless Frontier oversees administration for much of the east, with the Sahamptha Frontier making up its western edge. The cities of Bibisango and Harmony are located here. Harmony is located on the edge of the White Ocean, while Bibisango is located in the Greenlime mountains, on the border between Calama and Vallian.

Medilama is a geographic region containing much of the White Ocean. It is located around the equator and stretches to include many swamp and coastal areas. This region extends to the edge of the Jeevan River, on the border with Lawless Frontier. It contains a vast number of diverse ecosystems, with swamps in its southern reaches, vast mountains to the west, leading to temperate savannas and even a desert. The Medilama County has its capital in White Ocean City. It is bordered by the Onooga Desert to the south, Nevada to the south-west, Calian to the north, and Yukela to the east.

South Tersten

Nevada is a large geographic region in the southern hemisphere. It stretches from the equator to to the southern pole of Tersten. It contains mostly temperate forests, warm rolling plains, and temperate steppes. Its north is protected by the vast Pearlstone Mountains, blocking it from the harshness of the Sahamptha Desert. It is here that the República De Nevada is situated, with its capital, Nevada, located north of the Liberty Lake, on the banks of the Jeevan River. The region stretches as far as Marcustown to the southwest, where the terrain quickly gives way to taiga and polar conditions. The city of Johnsmarsh makes up Nevada's eastern extent, with the vast Whitecliffe Steppe serving as the border between Nevada and Yukela. It is bordered by Calian to the north, Medilama and Onooga to the east, Yukela to the west, and Antarctica Tersten to the south.

Onooga is a small continent in the southern hemisphere. Its primary feature is a large lowland basin that gives the region its name. The Onooga basin is similar to Earth's Gobi Desert, cold nights, warm days, and an overall very mild desert climate. It is sparsely populated by humans, with the exception of its largest city, the Corral Oasis. It is largely populated by Unathi frontierfolk, who found the challenging environment to be easily adaptable to their needs. It has since become home to several major Unathi settlements, many of which are migratory, travelling across the region and grazing. It is bordered by Yukela to the east, Medilama to the north, and Nevada to the west.

Yukela is a continent in the southern hemisphere. It is the most mountainous and smallest continent on Tersten. It is bordered by the Sahamptha Desert to the north, and Nevada to the east. It is bordered by Onooga and Medilama to the west, but only Onooga is easily accessible, due to the large Yukela mountains that make up much of the continent. This region, known locally as the Yukela Pradesh, is well developed, with the city of South Harelstone being considered Tersten's most advanced city. The region is also home to many corporate holdings, specifically around the South Tersten Sea. Yukela is considered one of the most inaccessible regions of the planet, being isolated from the North by the Sahamptha Desert, to the west by the Onoogan Desert, and to the east by the Whitecliffe Steppe. It is only really accessible via dangerous mountain routes, by sea connection via Port John, or from space.

Republic of Tersten

The Republic of Tersten, is a federal planetary republic located on the planet Tersten. Convening in Tersten City, the Republic deals with matters concerning the planet and interplanetary matters. It is divided into an Upper House, the Supreme Court, and Lower House. It is a democratic, parliamentary system with compulsory voting.

As a federal republic, it is made up of numerous districts that best represent the planet's many cultures and peoples. Its divisions are made up along historical boundaries.

Following its establishment as a Penal Colony in 2235, Pinscimate, as it was previously known, was governed directly from Lordania by the Superintendent, a position appointed directly by the Lordanian government to oversee matters. While this position was considered supreme, it had very little means to enforce its authority after the establishment of free, legal cities, and the escape of numerous convicts. In 2253, Tersten was recognised as an equal member of the Lordanian Republic, and the penal system was outlawed. At this point, Tersten was a non-unified state, and while efforts were made to create a unified government, they were ultimately beaten by the People's Republic of Lordania, who created a unitary vassal state subservient to the Republic. The Tersten Government-in-Exile was founded in 2275 and eventually became the modern day Republic of Tersten.

Tersteners are overall proud of their Republic, founded on strong values of liberty and democracy. While it is not without failures, its people are happy to have a healthy and functioning democracy.

Law and government

The President of the Republic of Tersten is head of state and government. The president serves as the leader of the executive branch and as commander-in-chief of the Tersten Planetary Defence Forces. The Government convenes at the Central Parliament in Tersten City.

Prior to the founding of the Republic in 2280, executive power was held by the puppet government of the People's Republic of Lordania, appointed by the Unitarian Party.

Between 2281 and 2289, the presidency was held by Ronald Mayweather, the leader of the Tersten Government-in-Exile, and now President of a united Tersten. Following his death in 2289, amendments to the Tersten Constitution were made, with the president directly elected by voters to a five-year term, which may be renewed once. Since 2290, four individuals have served as president: Sonia Bhattacharya, D. A. Kuznetsov, and Perry Winters.

In 2305, Robert J. Mackenzie was sworn in as the fifth and current president of Tersten.

Under the Presidency of Robert Mackenzie, the Social Democratic party have been struggling with reversing the Tersten Flight. Previous government policies of industrial jobs and a strong economic base have failed to attract Tersteners, with many jobs being offered to non-Tersteners. Instead of focusing on industries, much of Mackenzian Policies have been on establishing strong tourist and cultural links across the planet, with an emphasis on Tersten arts and media.

The uncompetitive economies of dustbowl cities have become a large political issue that has tested the SDP's governance, but Mackenzie remains popular.

President of the Republic of Tersten

The President of the Republic of Tersten is head of state and government. The president serves as the leader of the executive branch and as commander-in-chief of the Tersten Planetary Defence Forces.

Prior to the founding of the Republic in 2280, executive power was held by the puppet government of the People's Republic of Lordania, appointed by the Unitarian Party.

Between 2281 and 2289, the presidency was held by Ronald Mayweather, the leader of the Tersten Government-in-Exile, and now President of a united Tersten. Following his death in 2289, amendments to the Tersten Constitution were made, with the president directly elected by voters to a five-year term, which may be renewed once. Since 2290, four individuals have served as president: Sonia Bhattacharya, D. A. Kuznetsov, and Perry Winters.

In 2305, Robert J. Mackenzie was sworn in as the fifth and current president of Tersten.


The president of Tersten is considered to be commander-in-chief of the Tersten Planetary Defence Force. As a Member State of the Sol Central Government, Tersten equips and maintains its own planetary defence force, though its jurisdiction starts and ends in Tersten space. It is outfitted with hand-me-down equipment from the Lordanian Republic. As part of Sol Central Government, Tersten is home to one of the Third Fleet's drydocks, owing to it's distance and proximity to uncolonised space. It maintains a Defence Force on the planet, and Tersten City has become a haunt for Third Fleet forces on shore leave.

Military service is voluntary, though Tersten maintains a mandatory national service at age sixteen, and an optional one at twenty-one. Tersten has not seen a military conflict since the end of the Gaia Conflict, and instead focuses on teaching valuable life and survival skills. Youth Service is effectively a national boy scout movement, teaching children how to survive Tersten's harsh plains. It is the reason that nearly every single Terstener knows how to use, operate, and most importantly respect, a firearm. It also serves a political focus, in teaching younger Tersteners the importance of liberty, and the sacrifices made in defence of that, during the Lordanian Revolution.

Service at twenty-one is focused more on military training, and is entirely optional for all citizens. While many who complete this service join the Defence Force, many others have recently used this training and experience within the TPDF to pursue a further career in the Sol Defence Forces.

Foreign Relations

The Republic of Tersten is a permanent, and founding member of the Second Lordanian Republic. It maintains diplomatic relations with every member of the SLR, as well as embassies and consuls throughout human space, the most prominent of which is the Tersten Embassy on Mars. Like its neighbor Cinu, Tersten maintains unofficial relations with the Confederate Systems of Lordania.

Tersten signed the Free Trade Agreement in 2300, making it a full member of the Free Trade Union. Similarly, it became a signatory of the Interstellar Nuclear Weapons Treaty, which advocates for the complete disarmament of all cobalt and other salted bombs.


Tersten has a diverse economy, ranking 4th in terms of Total Food Export across Sol space. Tersten is an important producer of natural gas, food, and electronics. Numerous companies own or acknowledge manufactories on the planet, owing to it's low tax burdens and modern enthusiasm for the industrialisation of Tersten.

As of 2560, much of Tersten's rural counties saw population losses, as young adults emigrate to Cities, or off-world. This is in part due to rural communities lacking access to job opportunities and better prospects.

Overall Tersten experiences a population increase as birth rates within urban communes increases and immigration to the planet is encouraged.

Many regions employ non-Tersten immigrants for farm work, though traditional ranching is widely seen as a "Tersteners only" field.

In the mid-2520s, Tersten was one of the least economically viable of the Lordanian Region, without a spaceport to off-load goods, the planet maintained a level of isolation until the construction of the first Tersten Spaceport in 2545. This Spaceport has allowed for the revival of Tersten's economy.


Tersten's education system is, while underfunded and lacking in many areas, a mostly solid institution. The planet's government has recently enacted policies ensuring a free standard education to all Tersten citizens in an effort to combat rising illiteracy within the plains and countryside. As the planet is still underdeveloped, large swaths of South and Central Tersten's rural population remain uneducated.

Culture and Demographics

Terstener is the general term used to identify anyone from the planet Tersten, and while Terstener is used to identify one from Tersten, the planet itself have several distinct culture and ethnic groups. Terstenians typically are headstrong, with a sense of duty. It is common to see Terstenian individuals onboard Sol vessels. It is difficult to pinpoint an origin to Terstenian culture. As the planet served as a penal colony, a wide mix of beliefs and cultures were pushed onto the planet.

The eleven most prominent culture groups on the planet include the Nevokie, the Pinascs, the Moora, the Lawless-Nevokie, the Dustbowlers, the Rovani, the Badani, the Saralostan, the Yukelan, the Onoogan, and the Oceaner.

The most prominent culture on Tersten is known as 'Nevokie', derived from the prominent Mid-Western Earthlings that established the region of Nevada and it's outlying territories. Nevokies are characterised by their wide hats and wider smiles, a product of prison hardship and communal living. They are just as likely to shoot a stranger, as they are to invite them for supper. It is hard to win their trust, but once won, they are known to be loyal friends.

North Tersten enjoys the prosperity of fertile plateaus, and urban build-up. Around Tersten City, the people are more adopted to urban living, and thus display a characteristic 'rudeness' to anyone who has not lived in a large city. Those from Northern Tersten are known as 'Pinascs', or 'City-Slickers' to their Southern Cousins. This name derives from the original name of the Penal Colony, 'Pinascimate'. They are characterised by a sternness to their persons. A Terstenian from the North is more likely to serve within the armies or navies, and is partially why much of Sol's infrastructure has been constructed around Tersten City.

South Eastern Tersteners, around South Harelston and Yukela, are predominantly made up of Indian cultures, but also a large portion of ethnically Mongolian, Vietnamese, and Irish humans. A large economic investment in the region has seen many South-East Tersteners leaving the planet in work with Corporations or the Government.


The Lordanian Census Bureau estimates that the population of Tersten was 972,989,756 in 2300.

Major cities

Most Populous Cities in Tersten
City Dominant Culture Location Primary Language
1. Nevada Nevokie South-Central Tersten Iberian
2. Tersten City Pinasc North-Central Tersten ZAC
3. South Harelston Yukelan South-East Tersten New Dehlavi
4. Rovena Rovani North-East Tersten Pan Slavic
5. White Ocean City Oceaner Central Tersten ZAC
6. Bibisango Dustbowler East Tersten Sign, Iberian
7. Moore Moorian North-West Tersten ZAC
8. Harmony Dustbowler East Tersten Iberian, Sign
9. Lawless Nevokie West Tersten Iberian, ZAC
10. Rangamati Yukelan South-East Tersten New Dehlavi


Large parts of Tersten's urban areas are Atheist, however South Harelston and surrounding south-eastern Tersten contains the largest populations of non-christian faiths.

Nevada, the planets's most populated city is predominantly Christian, as is large parts of South and Central Tersten. According to the Lordanian Religious Research Center, the majority of Tersen's religious adherents are Christian.


Evidence exists that the native flora and fauna evolved on Tersten as early as three million years ago. Archaeologists from the Tersten City University are currently in heated debate regarding a specific extinct species of invertebrate that fossils show possibly used stone tools, a sign of intelligence and sentience. However, by the time of human colonisation, no signs of intelligent life has been discovered on the planet, and many of the planet's native species have been domesticated for cattle use.

Penal Colony of Pinascimate

By 2445, many prisons across interplanetary space were facing overcrowding, and rather than face the potential bill of constructing more prisons, the Lordanian Republic, in a joint effort with Sol Central, colonised the desert planet of Pinascimate. Northern Pinascimate became a Penal Colony, where prisoners primarily governed and organised themselves. Within the first five years, over ten thousand prisoners and guards were placed on the planet, founding the city of Harelstone, west of what is now known as Tersten City. As families and friends moved to the planet, in protest and in solidarity of prisoners, they established the Free City of Nevada on the other side of the planet, in Southern Pinascimate. Many of the prisoners, either escaping or being released, left south into the uncolonised areas of Tersten and forming towns and communities, which later became known as "Nevadan Territory". Many years later, these prisoners were eventually pardoned and included in the official founding of the Tersten government.

As the Lordanian Economy began to collapse in the 2470s, the prison system felt the ripples of this depression. Unable to maintain its infrastructure, riots and protests led to a fire at Harelstone Prison. As more and more prisoners earned their freedom, or escaped into the uncharted regions of the planet, a prominent convict-politician Jonathan Tersten, brought the survivors of Harelstone to found a new city just to the west. Intense negotiations with the Government led to the abolishment of the penal system on the planet. While Pinascimate would remain fractured, with minor unrecognised regions. Jonathan Tersten was able to negotiate recognition of the Pinascimate Republic, which became the primary government on the planet.

A dispute between Pinascimate and Nevada threatened to boil into a military conflict, until Jonathan Tersten, at-the-time Governor of Pinascimate, stepped in to defuse the situation. Proving his commitment to peace, he travelled the 24600km distance between Pinascimate and Nevada. Following fifteen days of intense negotiation, the two regions had settled for peace. Neither side would claim themselves as the true leader of the planet, and that both they, and the other regions of the planet, could live in mutual agreement. Tersten had achieved a monumental feat, to which he was regarded as a hero. Returning home to the Pinascimate capital of Freetown, Tersten's aircraft suffered a serious malfunction and crashed in a barren region of the planet now near the city of White Ocean. His vessel was found sixteen hours later, and he was recovered alive. Despite the best medical assistance the planet could provide, he did not survive and passed away. Intent to continue the peace Tersten died to see, the region of Pinascimate voted to rename itself and the planet to 'Tersten'. Nevada Territory supported and fully recognised the renaming of the planet, finally putting an end to the stains of the planet's penal past.

In the period between 2487 and 2498, cattle trails and cattle ranches developed in Nevadan Territory as neo-cowboys either drove their product north into uncolonised lands or settled illegally in Tersten Territory. In 2490, four of five major cattle trails on the Nevadan frontier travelled through Tersten Territory. Historians argue that this was one of the major reasons for a united Tersten, as the transport of food without the need for larger ships was vital.

Increased presence of Nevadan Cowboys and Settlers in Tersten Territory prompted the Tersten Territorial Government to establish the Blind Act of 2496, which divided the lands of Tersten into its Modern Day regions. In doing so, it recognised the equal rights of Tersteners, regardless of origin. It also began a series of economic improvements, encouraging farming and private land ownership among colonists but expropriating land to the federal government. Major land purchases, including the Great Purchase of 2499, were held for colonists where certain territories were opened to settlement starting at a precise time. Usually land was open to settlers on a first come first served basis. Those who broke the rules by crossing the border into the territory before the official opening time often went punished harshly by major landowners, and colonies being attacked and destroyed by mercenary companies were common until 2495 when the companies were outlawed completely.

Deliberations to unite Nevada and Tersten Territory into one large state began near the end of the 25th century, when the Lawrence Act opened settlements by both governments in each other's land.

26th century

On November 16, 2507, the Nevadan and Tersten territories were officially merged into the State of Tersten, backed and formalized by the People's Republic of Lordania (PRL), of which Tersten was quickly incorporated into.

The new state became a focal point for the emerging heavy materials industry, as discoveries of oil, titanium, gold, and precious materials on the planet prompted towns to grow rapidly in population and wealth. Nevada eventually became known as the "Manufacturing Capital of Lordania".

Social tensions were exacerbated by the PRL, which promoted the xenophobic and outcast of many non-Lordanian cultures. The Nevadan Riots broke out in 2514, encouraged by the local governments, with Lordanians attacking Martians. In one of the costliest episodes of racial violence in Lordanian history, three days of rioting resulted much of the city's Martian districts being destroyed, and a death toll estimated to be as high as 9500 Martians. By the late 2520s, many of the perpetrators of the riot had been executed by vigilante gangs, and the Tersten spirit of unity within the PRL had declined.

In 2527, Tersten City was the site of one of the most destructive acts of terrorism in Lordanian history. The Tersten Parliment bombings of 2527, in which the Tersten Resistance detonated three explosive devices in the Parliament during a senate meeting, killing 200 people, including the Chief Commander of the Lordanian Police. This act is often considered the official start of the uprising against the People's Republic, with similar actions occurring across the system. The Resistance was outlawed as a terrorist organisation until 2430, when the was overthrown, and the planet achieved its independence.

Independent Tersten and the Golden Age

Following the collapse of the PRL, Tersten quickly declared its independence and founded the Republic of Tersten, a constitutional republic. With the absence of a higher authority, it entered a period known as the Tersten Golden Age.

This period saw widespread economic growth and needed infrastructural improvements, leading to a large population boom. The growth of Tersten's power meant it became a significant player in the politics of the outer regions. Tersten, along with Yuklid and Tyannani, initially opposed the Lordanian Proclamation, which sought to form a larger Republic under Sol Central Government. Tyannani was seeking an alliance with Sol's enemies, the Terran Colonial Confederacy, something that Tersten did not seek.

In 2536, a vote on joining the Second Republic of Lordania, a state within the Sol Central Government, or remain Independent, was held. With a massively split vote, Tersten voted to join the Second Lordanian Republic with 56% of the vote.

Tersten and Sol Central Government

Within Sol Central, Tersten continued to enjoy the effects of the Golden Age, taming the wilderness with new industrial projects. The construction of the Tersten Spaceport in 2540 has allowed the planet to export goods on an Interstellar scale, and with it, new opportunities.

It has been nearly 30 years since the vote to join Sol, and the Golden Age has ended. Continual expansion of the Tersten Government has led to oppression amongst the native Nevokies, who are being driven from their ranches to make way for developments. More and more people leave Tersten in search of new opportunities thanks to its new connections. With the vast uncharted wilds of Space on almost every side, the border world has seen the arrival of Sol's Third Fleet.

Roleplay Tips

While characters from Tersten are often considered gruff western types, there is a lot of variation in what a character from the planet can be like. Here are some examples. Feel free to take these ideas and make something new.

  • Tersten's Finest served during the Gaia Conflict, and many laid down their lives in defence of Sol. Perhaps you were one of the lucky ones to survive. How many of your old buddies are still kicking? Maybe they retired back home, just as you plan to do when your service is up.

  • Your character grew up around South Harelstone, and values intelligence over brawn. Considered 'weaker' by most other Tersteners, you were educated at one of the corporate provided colleges, and had a fast track into space.
  • An older Terstener, born in the mid 20s, you remember growing up under uncertain times, watching as the planet became part of Sol Central. Perhaps things are better now, but at what costs?
  • You grew up around Tersten City, young, you grew up too late to serve in Gaia, but boy is it good day to die. You enlisted in the Defence Forces when you could, continuing a tradition of "Gettin' shit done." Just remember that reckless behaviour costs lives.
  • Your character comes from Central Tersten, the 'wild west' of the planet. Maybe Sol Central's infrastructural development plans put your ranch right in their crosshair? Or maybe "Y' just don' wanna live, breathe, an' shit in a dustbowl fer th' rest of yer life."