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Confederate Systems of Lordania
Founded 31 July 2437
Capital Tyananni
Government Type Elected Representative Senate
Official Language(s) Independent
Motto In all actions, Justice.

The Confederate Systems of Lordania (CSL) is an independent interplanetary, intergovernmental confederation that was founded in 2287 in response to growing threats from the Second Lordanian Republic. Its primary goal is the stability and security of member states. It borders the Second Lordanian Republic, the Sol Central Government, and uncharted space. While it's headquarters are located in Tyannanian orbit, the seat of government rotates between systems every 6 years.

It has four primary member states; Noveaulyon, Tyannani, Indus, and Visser. Each is governed mostly independently, with a central congress having limited power for internal matters except in emergencies. Critics of the Confederation have drawn parallels to the American Confederation prior to its Constitution.

Containing the resource heavy world of Indus, the agriworld of Noveaulyon, and the archeological hub of Tyannani, the Confederation is a production capital, with significant push. However, it lacks the cultural and financial prowess of Lordania, and remains much more disunited than their enemies.


For roughly 115 years, the Lordanian Cluster was governed by the Lordanian Republic. Centered on the capital world of Lordania, the Republic was ruled by the Lordanian Senate, which in turn was led by an elected Consul. However, as the Republic grew, the government became bloated and corrupt. The Senate was primarily comprised of Inner Rim politicians who focused on filling their own pockets, meaning that the Senate was unable to deal effectively with disputes that arose between the member worlds of the Republic. With growing protest from the Outer Systems over one-sided trade deals and decades of economic exploitation, terrorist attacks became common.

In 2495, the Consul called an emergency session of the Senate was called, the Lordanian Empire was founded; the Republic would be reorganized into an Empire ruled by a Senate, and led by a perminent Consul. Many Senators opposed this action, and those who were not purged in the first few months escaped to the Outer Rim and began organising a resistance to the Empire.

In 2525, the Consul fully disbanded the Senate and continued to consolidate Lordanian power for a possible intervention into Sol territory. However, the Brotherhood of Respite, launched an attack that destroyed Tersten's parliament and killed the Chief Commander of the Lordanian Police. This is commonly regarded as the beginning of the Lordanian Uprising. After a devastating two years of fierce fighting, in 2530, the Brotherhood of Respite launched an attack on the Lordanian Senate itself and killed the Consul. The group sustained massive casualties in the battle, and were presumed destroyed several months later by an Imperial counter-attack. The death of the Consul however, proved it's downfall, as the Empire collapsed on itself, leaving no head of command.

An Emergency council was called on Lordania, but many of the Outer Rim systems refused to sign a treaty with the remnants of the Empire, and instead began work on a new government.

The Outer Rim’s economy had been completely decimated by the Empire, and many systems became reliable on each other to rebuild. Three prominant systems grew richer and stronger due to this. These were the Tersten System, the Tyannani System, and the Douglas System.

The First Peace Proclamation of 2531 attempted to restore Lordanian control to the cluster by rebuilding the Lordanian Senate and granting greater autonomy to systems. However, this was rebuked by Tyananni and Douglas, who preferred their relative power in the Outer Rim.

In response, the first Tyannani Convention occurred in 2533 when former Rebellion Commanders opposed the creation of a Second Lordanian Republic, instead demanding a state that preferred free market trade and more liberal policies regarding Outer Rim systems.

The intense negotiations that followed in the Second Lordanian Convention (2534) and the Douglas Convention (2535) ended in a complete breakdown of relationships, with Douglas and Tersten supporting the Republic, and Tyannani supporting the creation of a new state.

This new state, the Confederate Systems of Lordania, was recognised by the Terran Federation, which meant in turn, it was denounced by Sol Central Government. This resulted in the Lordanian Cold War (2537-Present), in which neither side could risk starting a conflict. The first President of the Confederate was Jean-Luc Garcin, who served two ten year terms. Under Garcin, the son of prominent First Republic Senator; Jacques Garcin, the Confederate expanded quickly to control vital points of interest, including the Shipyards of Indus.

Garcin declined to serve a third term, and the Confederate elected Secretary of State Ivy Arnott to serve as President. She is currently serving her first term, and has be criticised as allowing negotiations to collapse with the Second Republic.


A response to the outward imperialistic attitudes of major interstellar nations, the Confederation is a political system comprised of 5 systems, with leadership rotating between three permanent members; Tyananni, Noveaulyon, and Indus. The leading planet has complete control of the Confederate Navy and political structure, with nations leading for 6 year terms.


The Confederacy is a Direct Democratic system, with a President and a Senate. The first President was Jean-Luc Garcin. The current President is Ivy Arnott.

Operating alongside the President is a body of senators that deal with diplomatic and civilian issues. It is made up of Outer Rim worlds, including ones that had once been members of the Lordanian Republic. The senate is seated on the Confederate capital planet of Tyannani.


The Confederate is heavily funded by the Terran Federation, who have donated ships to the Confederate Navy. In addition to this, the various transstellar corps who recognised the Confederate's Independence have pledged forces to the Confederate Army and Navy, creating a mishmash of various Lordanian and Terran soldiers. The Confederate's 1st Strike Force is a sizable navy of several repurposed battleships, and a slowly rebuilding Lordanian Navy.

Foreign Affairs

The CSL is strongly aligned with the Terran Federation. They exist almost as a state under Terra.

Society and Culture

Despite the Confederate's anti-Republican stance, many relics of the Empire still hang heavy over modern life. To respond to this, the Confederate's immigration laws are much more relaxed than the Republic's, allowing for more non-humans to emigrate to Confederate space.


Narvoo Olaer
Tau Gelee Jericho
Indu Indus
Visser Brand
Katadda Katadda
Sirim Sirim
Kesh Sparon
Teth Teth
Tisht Tisht
Tyannani Capital
Coriolanus Coriolanus
Eben Adurn
Nibben Nibben