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Hello, my name is Rowtree. I write lore.

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Lordania is the Capital of the Lordanian Republic, and is a seven planet system. Two of these planets are heavily populated. These planets are Lordania and Kingston.


Yuklid is a binary star system in the Inner Rim. It has five planets, of which only Yuklid V is occupied.


Lucinaer is a binary star system in the Mid Rim. It's only occupied planet is Cinu, a desert planet with similar conditions as of Earth's Middle East. It's capital is Al-Mular, and it served as a primary destination for many Arabic Colonists from Sol.


Gavil is a G-Type Main Sequence Star located in the Outer Rim. It's only occupied planet is Tersten. Tersten is a plains-like planet, with high mountain ranges and vast expanses. It's population lives mostly in large cities, with the rest dispersed around the vast countryside. Tersten has recently seen an expansion of Republic influence in response to the Confederate build-up in neighbouring Indus.


Gessshire is a single star system located in the Mid Rim. Gessshire is a B-Type star system, and it's occupied planet, Lorriman, is a frozen arctic world. Because of it's size and location, Lorriman has been home to the Lordanian Institute of Science for over fifty years, and serves as the primary base of operations for any research efforts in the Cluster.


Chardaan is a trinary star system located in the Mid Rim. Due to this, it has no habitable planets. However, on it's closest planet, Chard, a sizable mining colony has been established on the harsh, volcanic planet.


Visser is a three planet system in the Outer Rim. It's Capital is Visser City, and is a Technocratic Dictatorship, in which it's planet is governed by a benevolent AI.


Kesh is a G-Type Sequence Star, with one occupied planet, Lyon. Lyon is a prominent member of the Confederate Systems, and often considered the 'Birthplace of the Confederate', due to many of its founding members conceived the Confederate's ideals on Lyon.


Tyannani is a B-Type Main Sequence Star with one planet. Tyannani. As the capital of the Confederate Systems of Lordania, the system is populated by large amounts of satellites, habitation pods, and interstellar traffic. Even Tyannani's moon Beacon, is heavily populated.


Denebola is a three planet system located in the Outer Rim. It's primary planet is Indus, the third planet from the sun and a mostly arid planet with some oceans. Indus has a significant amount of shipbuilding dockyards, and is a strategic point of contest between the Republic and the occupying Confederate Systems.