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Rootoo807/Changeling Abilities
ChangelingTorch 96px.gif
Difficulty Very Hard
Duties Stealing DNA, stealing identities, sowing paranoia throughout the Torch as as you turn the crew against their loved ones.
Access Anywhere your job allows you to enter, anywhere your victims' jobs allowed them to enter.

A changeling is an alien creature that is intelligent and able to morph into most organic lifeforms. Changelings are solitary hunters, and have existed among the civilized races of the galaxy for an unknown length of time. Their number and prevalence is unknown and impossible to prove. A changeling has two main weapons at its disposal: its ability to internally synthesize deadly chemicals, and its ability to morph seamlessly into other creatures that it has absorbed. Ultimately, it is a creature of stealth - hiding behind the faces of its victims, it lurks in wait for its chance to strike down an unsuspecting crew.


As a changeling aboard the SEV Torch, you have likely killed a crew member and replaced them. You've had time to "familiarize" yourself with the ins and outs of your primary victim's identity. Even if a changeling has not attacked any other crew members, it has almost certainly committed murder to have concealed itself aboard the ship.

As a species, changelings are incredibly poorly understood - as far as the public is aware, no known government or organization has any knowledge of changelings' existence. An unknown number of changelings exist in human space, having taken up identities of victims that they've killed: lurking in the skins of friends and family, lying in wait for their next victim. From a narrative perspective, this gives you - the changeling - a lot of leniency in determining where you came from and why you're on the ship. Perhaps you're aboard the Torch to establish a foothold within the SCG, or to sabotage delicate research which could unveil your species to the universe - or, perhaps you're simply an opportunistic predator looking for an easy meal. Regardless - remember that as an antagonist, your ultimate goal is to drive conflict and make the round more interesting for everyone.

Infiltrating the Crew

Congratulations - you've successfully concealed yourself aboard the Torch, with not an inkling of suspicion. Before you start wreaking havoc amongst the crew, however, you may find it useful to familiarize yourself with some of your abilities.

The Basics

As a changeling, you have a number of tools at your disposal in the form of evolvable abilities - specifics on these abilities can be found in the tables below. By default, you start with five core abilities available: "Absorb DNA", "Hive Absorb", "Hive Channel", "Regenerative Stasis", and "Transform". These abilities are typically the most important for stealthily carrying out your goals - detailed information on these can be found in the table below. You also start with 25 evolution points, with which you may purchase additional abilities from the Evolution Menu under the Changeling tab. Each time you absorb a victim, you gain an additional 2 evolution points with which to evolve further abilities. The more the merrier!

Additionally, you have an internal reserve of chemicals, used to fuel most of your abilities. By default, your chemical storage has a capacity of 50 units, and refills at a rate of 0.5u per tick - both of these can be upgraded through your abilities. You can also regain chemicals by absorbing a victim, which immediately refills your reserve by 10 units. Most of your abilities expend chemicals, as detailed in the "Chemical Cost" column of the table below.

The Hivemind

Changelings share a sort of telepathic link, broadly called the changeling hivemind, allowing changelings to commune with one another from a distance. You can access this channel by using "say ,g" before your speech. This allows you to communicate with your fellow changelings, plotting the best ways to attack the crew, and even sharing acquired DNA sequences via your "Hive Absorb" and "Hive Channel" abilities.

Beware, however - while two (or more) changelings are deadlier than one, your kin are under no obligation to cooperate with you. Indeed, absorbing another changeling allows you to steal any genomes they had collected and whatever chemicals and evolution points they had remaining, on top of the normal benefits of DNA absorption. A careless changeling is liable to find themselves backstabbed - and eaten.

Starting Abilities

The following abilities are those all changelings start with by default. These abilities - particularly, your ability to absorb DNA and take the forms of your victims - make up the core of changeling gameplay.

Power Evolution Point Cost Chemical Cost Description Useable in Lesser Form?
Absorb DNA N/A N/A "Permits us to syphon the DNA from a human. They become one with us, and we become stronger."

Requires a strong grip on the victim, and takes a while to fully absorb them. On absorption, you gain access to the victim's DNA, able to transform into them at will, and you learn any memories or languages they may have had. The victim is left a husk. This ability requires that the target have compatible DNA to absorb - this includes humans, Skrell, Unathi, and GAS, as well as monkeys and other monkey-like creatures.

Absorbing a victim also gives you 10 chemicals and 2 evolution points. Additionally, absorbing a fellow changeling will give you whatever chemicals and evolution points they had remaining, as well as whatever genomes they had collected.

Hive Absorb N/A 20u "We can absorb a single DNA from the airwaves, allowing us to use more disguises with help from our fellow changelings."

Allows you to select and absorb a single DNA sequence that has been channeled over the changeling hivemind.

Hive Channel N/A 10u "We can channel a DNA into the airwaves, allowing our fellow changelings to absorb it and transform into it as if they acquired the DNA themselves."

Allows other changelings to absorb the DNA you channel from the airwaves.

Regenerative Stasis N/A 20u "We become weakened to a death-like state, where we will rise again from death."

Can be used before or after death, as long as your body is intact. Stasis can last between approximately one to three minutes, and fully heals you of all injuries, including death. After stasis is complete, you may use the "Revive" verb at any time to reawaken.

Note that with Regenerative Stasis, a changeling is nigh-unkillable, able to fully regenerate from even the most severe injuries. Only by destroying your body - via decapitation, gibbing, cremation, or other means - can a changeling be permanently killed.

Transform N/A 5u "We take on the appearance and voice of one we have absorbed."

Upon use, prompts you to select from the identities whose DNA sequences you've absorbed. After a short delay, you take the appearance of that person. A creature must have compatible DNA for you to be able to absorb, and subsequently transform, into them: this includes humans, Skrell, Unathi, and GAS, as well as monkeys and other monkey-like creatures.


Evolvable Abilities

The following abilities must be purchased through the Evolution Menu using evolution points. While less quintessential to the changeling than its starting abilities, evolvable abilities are no less useful - you may find a deadly sting quite useful indeed in the course of your agenda.

Power Evolution Point Cost Chemical Cost Description Useable in Lesser Form?
Blind Sting 2 20u "We silently sting a human, completely blinding them for a short time."

Temporarily blinds the target.

Boost Range 2 10u "We evolve the ability to shoot our stingers at humans, with some preparation."

Your next sting ability can be fired at targets up to 2 tiles away. This lasts until the next time you use a sting ability.

Deaf Sting 1 5u "We silently sting a human, completely deafening them for a short time."

Temporarily deafens the target.

Death Sting 10 40u "We sting a human, filling them with potent chemicals. Their rapid death is all but assured, but our crime will be obvious."

Injects the victim with 40u Lexorin. This sting is highly-visible to any nearby witnesses.

Digital Camoflauge 1 1u per tick "We evolve the ability to distort our form and proportions, defeating common algorithms used to detect lifeforms on cameras."

You cannot be tracked by AI while using this skill. However, people looking at you will find you obviously uncanny. Constantly expends chemicals while active.

Note: This is not very useful without an AI.

Engorged Chemical Glands 4 N/A "Our chemical glands swell, permitting us to store more chemicals inside of them."

Passive ability. Allows you to store an extra 25 units of chemicals.

Epinephrine Sacs 3 45u "We evolve additional sacs of adrenaline throughout our body."

Gives the ability to instantly recover from stuns. High chemical cost.

Extract DNA 2 40u "We stealthily sting a target and extract the DNA from them."

Gives you the DNA of your target, allowing you to transform into them without absorbing them. Unlike "Absorb DNA", does not give you any chemicals or evolution points. Does not provide the target a warning that they have been stung.

Target must have compatible DNA to absorb. High chemical cost.

Hallucination Sting 3 15u "We evolve the ability to sting a target with a powerful hallunicationary chemical."

Causes the target to hallucinate after 30 to 60 seconds. The target does not notice they have been stung.

Lesser Form 4 1u "We debase ourselves and become lesser. We become a monkey."

Turns you into a monkey. All your equipment is dropped on the floor. You can return to human form by using your Transform ability.

Certain abilities - as denoted in the column to the far right - are not available for use in this form.

Mimic Voice 1 1u per tick "We shape our vocal glands to sound like a desired voice."

Will turn your voice into the name that you enter. Constantly expends chemicals while active.

Rapid Chemical-Synthesis 4 N/A "We evolve new pathways for producing our necessary chemicals, permitting us to naturally create them faster."

Passive ability. Doubles the rate at which you naturally recharge chemicals from 0.5u per tick to 1u per tick.

Rapid Regeneration 7 30u "We evolve the ability to rapidly regenerate, negating the need for stasis."

Heals a significant amount of damage over a couple seconds.

Silence Sting 3 10u "We silently sting a human, completely silencing them for a short time."

Temporarily silences the victim. Does not provide a warning to a victim that they have been stung, until they try to speak and cannot.