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I'm NGGJamie. Some might recognize me as the host of CM-SS13, but I've always liked spending time at Baystation12 outside of CM. I'd played here some time back around 2015, but hadn't taken the time to learn the Torch until recently.

While re-learning mechanics, I noticed a number of pages on the wiki were painfully out of date. What I have learned had to largely be learned in-game from others, and item pages in particular leave much to be desired in way of description. Simply put, I wanted to help out here as a small way of giving something back to the community.

That said, I come to Bay primarily to take a break from CM, not be the big guy on campus, and put in some hard ar-pi. In that respect, I ask to not be contacted here regarding CM matters, but don't mind touching the subject from time to time.

My primary intents for editing currently are:

  • Improve quality of existing articles. Primarily by adding details that would be appreciated by learning players based upon my recent experience starting again.
  • Add more details to item pages where their uses aren't well documented, or nuanced.
  • General upkeep of areas where necessary as things are updated.