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Disclaimer: This is a WIP, subjective, and not at all professional guide on how to get started on Bay as a member of the Fleet. It's also mostly about how I play my own crewman, Sally Walker, so you might disagree with it at some parts.

Creating your Fleet Character

Alright, let's get this started!


Before you do anything, stop for a moment, and think about why your character had joined the Fleet. There are more players than you'd think whose character is just a member of the Fleet. When they are asked about the reason, they freeze up. When they are in a dangerous/complicated situation, they have no idea how to act.

You don't need a full background story at this point. Just find a concept. Did they join because they didn't have money? They wanted to make a difference? They were inspired by its recruiting campaign? They just wanted to shoot aliens but found the Exploration Corps lame?

Believe it or not, a single line of concept can help you get started more than any crash course in RP (though they are definitely helpful too).