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The Lore Primer is a guide intended for players new to Baystation 12's lore. Even if you have already played Spacestation 13, this guide will be helpful as this server's lore is quite different. This guide will cover the most basic concepts of the game's lore to help you with writing your characters.

Human Space

Humans are the quickest developing species on the Galactic stage. While they're not an overwhelming force, they are still a powerful and populous species. Currently, Humans are split into two major superpowers: The Sol Central Government (SCG), a centralised, idealistic bureaucratic democracy bogged down by widespread corruption and the owners of the SEV Torch; and the Terran Colonial Confederation (TCC), a (dirty communist alien fucker state). Human space also hosts a variety of Megacorporations that run deep throughout life in the SCG, the foremost of these being NanoTrasen.

Where did I come from?


- Dialogue is what your character says In-Character, the way your character presents his or herself through dialogue should be based upon his or her background and current mood. 'me' is a useful tool to signify your character's current mood. Example: "me waves happily to the bartender, “Hey man!” He sounds happy." In this example we demonstrate the character's current mood and another player can immediately identify that the character is in a very happy state. When using dialogue be weary of who is around you because you do not want to say the wrong thing around the wrong people... Use the various other chat commands available towards dialogue. Also, remember to use correct grammar and be sure to read your sentence you've typed to make sure it makes sense.

Physical Action & Description

- Use of physical actions just before your dialogue can further your roleplay. It will give the other player an insight on your character physical fitness as well as giving them a chance to respond. Simply with use of 'me' you can change the entire ship. Remember not to powergame. Be realistic in your actions. Description can help players gain a mental image in things that are limited because of the game. The more descriptive, the better. Be careful not to over-type however, as large paragraphs can often disrupt the flow of the roleplay.

Mental Thoughts & Feelings

- Stating your character’s current expression or feeling is a good way to express your character without literally stating it (i.e. directly saying "I'm angry!"). It will leave other players to study you and get to know your character. Your character’s feelings can change based upon the current situation you’re in. Remember to also be realistic. This is another way to help improve description in your dialogue and me’s.


- When someone starts a conversation or action you’re expected to react to it whether you want to or not. If you do not simply respond you will be viewed upon as an undetermined RPer who does not know how to carry out reactions.

- Let me draw to conclusion I see sometimes, one player would attempt to create some conversion with another player but the latter player ignores the player and continues to walk away. Just because a player wants to create some RP conversation doesn't mean you ignore them, you never know when some fun may occur. Who knows, maybe that coworker who's trying to start a conversation actually wants your help...

Keep in mind that roleplay isn't just what you say and emote. It's how your character reacts to situations and gameplay. Lore should eventually show up here Template:Navbox:Lore