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Cook food for the crew. Prepare lavish feasts. Refuse to tell where the meat comes from.
Difficulty: Easy
Access: Kitchen
Related guides: Guide to Food, Guide to Hydroponics
Alternative names: Chef, Culinary Specialist
EC branch ranks: Explorer(E-3)
Fleet branch ranks: Petty Officer Third Class(E-4), Crewman(E-3), Crewman Apprentice(E-2)
Civ branch ranks: Contractor

The Cook is the Torch's primary source of vital nutrients, behind the vending machines that litter every floor and threaten his job security. Not only is it the Cook's job to create meals for the crew, it falls to them and the Bartender to make the mess hall a pleasant, welcoming place to eat and hang out.

As part of the Service department, the Cook answers to the Executive Officer.

Starting Out

You share the mess hall with the Bartender, and you have access to the freezer, where there are a couple fridges and a cabinet of essential ingredients, such as milk, meat, eggs, flour, and sugar. At roundstart, you might want to whip up some dough and a cheese wheel or two, as these are ingredients in several recipes.


Most of what you need is stored in the vending machine in the kitchen. Several items will be particularly important:

  • A kitchen knife, for slicing pizzas, cakes, dough, and vegetables.
  • A rolling pin, for rolling dough
  • Mixing bowls, for combining ingredients to make things like dough and cheese
  • A pitcher, for keeping water on hand

Culinary Arts

For information on recipes, see Guide to Food.

Most of what you'll need for cooking comes from Hydroponics, which is where plants are grown. At the start of the round, it's recommended you plant several, multiple-harvest plants such as tomatoes or apples in the trays, for later usage. Other plants can be grown at your leisure.

To help with harvesting duties, you can ask a Roboticist to make you a Farmbot, which will help water, fertilize, and weed the trays. If a Crewman or Passenger (or even a diona nymph) is looking for something to do, you can enlist them to help tend to the plants you require.

As a Cook, it is important you advertise. Most crewmembers may not even notice that a chef exists on the manifest, so in order to get people eating your food, announce your openness over communications once you've sufficiently prepared. You can also offer specials and custom orders, to perhaps dissuade your potential customers from visiting the vending machines instead of you.

You'll want to prepare a variety of food to keep your customers satisfied. Several crewmembers may have dietary restrictions both mechanically and roleplay-wise, so it's advised you keep a healthy stock of vegetarian/vegan meals on hand, or be ready to prepare something special.

You can also add sauces to dishes to flavor your food. Examples include barbecue sauce, vinegar, and mayonnaise are all such examples. Keep in mind that you don't need to exclusively make microwaved recipes; combining food with the oven, deep fryer, or grill, you can make things like candy, cereal, flavored pancakes, and garlic bread. Don't be afraid to experiment once you've got a good stock of food in the display case.

Your counterpart, the Bartender, dwells just next door, and is usually more than happy to keep any complaining customers too tipsy to shout too loud while you rush about preparing lunch. They are also usually quite pleased at the prospect of supplying the perfect drinks to accompany your culinary masterpieces.


While as a chef you don't have access to particularly robust gear by default, you do have knives, cleavers, a butchering rack, and a meat grinder that, if e-magged, can be made to accept human meat (for quick disposal of bodies). Keep in mind, however, tampering with your own food is likely to get security to notice you fairly quickly, unless you can pull off a good alibi and keep it that way.